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Partial equilibrium



National and sub-national

General equilibrium

System dynamics


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Detailed query table (same information source as above)

 AcronymGeographical areaType of modelModel dynamicURL
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African-European Trade ModelAETMAfrica - EuropePartial equilibriumRecursive
AlavalapatiBritish columbiaGeneral equilibriumUnknown
Austrian Trade ModelATMAustriaPartial equilibriumRecursive
BinkleyBritish columbiaGeneral equilibriumUnknown
Filière Bois RégionaleFIBREBourgogne, FranceSystem dynamicsRecursive
Finnish Forest and Energy Policy ModelFinFEPFinlandPartial equilibriumUnknown
Forest Sector Prototype ModelFSPMWorldSystem dynamicsRecursive
Forest and Agriculture Sectors Optimization ModelFASOMWorldPartial equilibriumOptimization
French Forest Sector ModelFFSMWorldPartial equilibriumRecursive
Global Forest Products ModelGFPM
Global Trade Assessment ModelGTAPWorldGeneral equilibriumStatic
Global Trade ModelGTM/CGTMWorldPartial equilibriumRecursive
The Global Forest Sector Model, EFI-GTMEFI-GTMWorldPartial equilibriumPartial equilibrium 15.pdf


Information above is extracted from the PhD thesis of Sylvain Caurla defended in 2012 (p 79 and 82).