H2PTM (2003) King

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Programming, modelling, and engineering

Complementary activities in multimedia authoring
Programming, modelling, and engineering : Complementary activities in multimedia authoring
Peter R King
Department of Computer Science
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg; Canada
  • prking@sc.UManitoba.ca
actes du colloque H2PTM 2003 Paris
publié dans H²PTM03 : Créer du sens à l'ère numérique: Hypertexte, hypermédia
Multimedia authors are, typically, not programmers, and accordingly multimedia authoring tools and languages tend to be special-purpose and rather restrictive in nature. Similarly, such authors are not usually skilled software engineers; neither do they readily make use of formal models in their work. Thus such special purpose tools and languages tend not to provide specific design support nor to be based on underlying, formal models. In this paper we will argue that programming, engineering, and modelling and rare all highly relevant to the authoring activity. We will discuss a number of possible approaches, based on the work of the author and his colleagues, which suggest how support for these three complementary activities might be introduced into multimedia authoring systems.
hypermedia, multimedia, authoring, software, programming, modelling, engineering.
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