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H2PTM (1997) Patterson

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Hypermedia for intelligent multimedia systems

Démarche et méthodes pour la réalisation d’un éditeur de documents hypermédias structurés
Hypermedia for intelligent multimedia systems
Gerry Patterson, Roisin Donnelly et Maureen Murphy
Faculty of Informatics
The University of Ulster, Co. Antrim
Northern Ireland, BT37 OQB. UK
actes du colloque H2PTM 1997 Paris
publié dans H²PTM97 : Hypertextes et hypermédias; Réalisations, outils et méthodes
The key to unlocking the possibilities of Intelligent Multimedia Systems (IMMS) is to envision modern education as an omnipresent activity. As technology permeates home, work and all other locations; all social functions should be integrated into a seamless web of learning. The challenge now is to decide on a uniform approach to incorporate IMMS into education. This methodology will be discussed. This new approach to computer aided learning can undoubtedly enrich student’s learning. IMMS can be integrated into the heart of the curriculum and not just be interesting adjunct if the students have the time or the inclination. Developers must overcome the difficulties in realising educational IMMS, and transfer these systems from prototypes used only as workbenches for the computational analysis of the educational process to commercially-viable systems. The significance of a hypermedia environment will be stressed and reviewed.
Key words
intelligent multimedia systems, education, hypermedia, interactive learning systems, user interface design.
Mots-clés (pascal) 
Interface utilisateur; Système conversationnel; Enseignement; Education; Système intelligent; Hypermédia; Multimédia; Enseignement assisté ordinateur.