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H2PTM (1997) Olsina

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Applying the Flexible Process Model to build hypermedia products
Applying the Flexible Process Model to build hypermedia products
Luis Antonio Olsina
Computer Department, Engineering Schoo
UNLPam; also at Cinecas Básicas Department
UNLu and Ciencas Exactas School, UNLP-Argentina
actes du colloque H2PTM 1997 Paris
publié dans H²PTM97 : Hypertextes et hypermédias; Réalisations, outils et méthodes
In this paper we propose a novel software process, called Flexible Process Model, useful in building hypermedia products. This strategy, when instanciated in a specific project, implies a systematic use of model-based constructors, both logical and physical models. The process, mainly in the development phase, is a mix of interative incremental, parallel and opportunistic style, being guided by the flexible prototyping. The main benefits of this process are:
  • a) it covers all the phases, tasks and activities of an hypermedia project;
  • b) the clear break down between phases and tasks can contribute fairly to project planning and controlling;
  • c) it fosters a positive balance by a systematic use of logical and physical modelling;
  • d) it facilitate human communication and process improvement.
Key words
hypermedia project, Flexible Process Model, physical and logical modelling.
Mots-clés (pascal) 
Hypermédia; Logiciel; Développement logiciel.