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CIDE (2002) Marinoni

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Searching information in a library's website: training virtual library users and a transaction log analysis case study.
Searching information in a library's website: training virtual library users and a transaction log analysis case study.
MARINONI Elisabetta (1) ; MAZZON Pierangela (1) ; ORTOLAN Monica (1) ; PIERI Donata (1) ; ZANE Antonella (1) ;
Biblioteca Biologico-Medica A. Vallisneri, Università degli Studi di Padova V.le G. Colombo 3, 35121 Padova, ITALIE
Actes du colloque CIDE.05 (Hammamet 2002)
This work is focused on: 1) development of tools to ensure that all members of the Vallisneri community know what information resources are available to them (in particular e-journals) and how the library staff can facilitate access to them; 2) application of transaction log analysis to our Library Web site to monitor mainly the use of e-journals, so as to be able to: a) evaluate the use of electronic resources, in order to promote those which are less visible and to verify the cost-effectiveness of subscriptions; b) identify the search paths employed by users; c) optimise use of the portal by improving its organisation; d) prepare more suitable information packet; e) revise library and information services and implement them. Results should lead to a better understanding of how our services are used, of our users' difficulties/needs with respect to the search for information, and of the potential development of our information system.
Mots-clés anglais
Europe ; Electronic resource ; Transaction log analysis ; User training ; Electronic periodical ; Information retrieval ; Web site ; Higher education library ; Italy ;
Mots-clés français 
Europe ; Ressource électronique ; Analyse registre transaction ; Formation utilisateur ; Périodique électronique ; Recherche information ; Site Web ; Bibliothèque enseignement supérieur ; Italie ;
Mots-clés espagnols 
Europa ; Formación usuario ; Periódico electrónico ; Recuperación información ; Sitio Web ; Biblioteca enseñanza superior ; Italia ;
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