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CIDE (2002) Allert

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A didactic dimension for LOM: Instructional roles for learning objects
A didactic dimension for LOM: Instructional roles for learning objects
ALLERT Heidrun (1) ; DHRAIEF Hadhami (1) ; NEJDL Wolfgang (1) ;
  • Learning Lab Lower Saxony, Deutscher Pavilion, Expo Plaza 1, 30539 Hannover, ALLEMAGNE
Actes du colloque CIDE.05 (Hammamet 2002)
The reusability, exchange, and management of modular learning materials imply the existence of information about these materials. The LOM (Learning Object Metadata) draft standard defines the structure of metadata instances, which specify learning object characteristics like author, title, subject, and many others, including the relationship of one learning object to other learning objects. However, even though the LOM draft includes a category educational, no information is included in the standard to specify, which instructional roles are played by a learning object within a course. In the first part of this paper, we show how to include this important didactic information using the concept of instructional roles and relations in a way, which is extensible and flexible enough to specify not only general didactic criteria, but rather specific criteria, as prescribed by different instructional theories. In the second part we will give a short introduction to our Open Learning Repository OLR, which includes a browser-based editor for annotating Learning Objects with LOM-Metadata.
Mots-clés anglais
Education technology ; Educational role ; Markup ; System architecture ; Modeling ; Metadata ; Learning ; Computer assisted teaching ; World wide web ;
Mots-clés français
Technologie éducation ; Rôle éducatif ; Balisage (document) ; OPL (Open Learning Repository) ; LOM (Learning Object Metadata) ; Architecture système ; Modélisation ; Métadonnée ; Apprentissage ; Enseignement assisté ordinateur ; Réseau web ;
Mots-clés espagnols 
Arquitectura sistema ; Modelización ; Metadatos ; Aprendizaje ; Enseñanza asistida por computador ; Red WWW ;
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