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Prototype of Wicri/Metadata welcomes you

This page is deprecated.

The English version of this wiki has just opened on Ticri.Inpll web site


This wiki deals with metadata issues in Wicri network; and more generally in network of semantic wikis dealing with science or innovation.

See: Metadata for WICRI, a Network of Semantic Wikis for Communities in Research and Innovation

Metadata for Semantic Wikis

The term metadata must be understood with a large acceptance and would include for instance semantic items.

Their function goes forward their traditional one, improving the performances of information retrieval for handling new issues such as handling consistency of a wiki network, or helping to browse or contribute.

Generic metadata

This wiki deals with metadata that are used in every wikis, such as event, bibliographies, geographic items.

Specific metadata

Specific metadata will be explained in thematic wikis. Samples:

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