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List of bibliographic references indexed by A. A. Toropov

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 6

Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
002954 (2010) E. A. Chekhovich [Russie] ; A. S. Brichkin [Russie] ; V. D. Kulakovskii [Russie] ; S. V. Ivanov [Russie] ; A. A. Toropov [Russie] ; M. M. Glazov [Russie]Fine structure of emission lines from charged CdSe/ZnSe/ZnMnSe quantum dots
004429 (2006) T. Koyama [Japon] ; K. Nishibayashi [Japon] ; I. Souma [Japon] ; A. Murayama [Japon] ; Y. Oka [Japon] ; A. A. Toropov [Russie]Spin‐dependent type‐II band alignment and carrier spin dynamics in a diluted magnetic double quantum well
004D22 (2004) A. A. Toropov [Russie] ; Ya. V. Terent Ev [Russie] ; T. V. Shubina [Russie] ; S. V. Sorokin [Russie] ; I. V. Sedova [Russie] ; V. A. Kaygorodov [Russie] ; V. A. Solov Ev [Russie] ; B. Ya. Mel Tser [Russie] ; S. V. Ivanov [Russie] ; P. S. Kop Ev [Russie] ; I. A. Buyanova [Suède] ; W. M. Chen [Suède]InAs/Zn(Mn)Te/Cd(Mn)Se pseudomorphic quantum well structures for spintronic applications
004D24 (2004) S. V. Ivanov [Russie] ; V. A. Kaygorodov [Russie] ; S. V. Sorokin [Russie] ; V. A. Solov Ev [Russie] ; A. A. Sitnikova [Russie] ; O. G. Lyublinskaya [Russie] ; Ya. V. Terent Ev [Russie] ; Yu. B. Vasilyev [Russie] ; V. L. Berkovits [Russie] ; A. A. Toropov [Russie] ; P. S. Kop Ev [Russie]II–VI/III–V structures with a heterovalent interface in the active region: New opportunities in band engineering
005173 (2002) Ya. V. Terent Ev [Russie] ; A. A. Toropov [Russie] ; S. V. Sorokin [Russie] ; A. V. Lebedev [Russie] ; S. V. Ivanov [Russie] ; P. S. Kopev [Russie] ; I. A. Buyanova [Suède] ; W. M. Chen [Suède] ; B. Monemar [Suède]Semimagnetic ZnMnSe/CdSe Fractional Monolayer Superlattice as an Injector of Spin‐Polarized Carriers
005174 (2002) I. I. Reshina [Russie] ; S. V. Ivanov [Russie] ; D. N. Mirlin [Russie] ; A. A. Toropov [Russie] ; A. Waag [Allemagne] ; G. Landwehr [Allemagne]Raman Scattering and Luminescence in Semimagnetic CdSe/ZnSe Nanostructures with Quantum Discs

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