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Number of relevant bibliographic references: 264

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005199 (2002) F. De Martini [Italie] ; V. Buek [Slovaquie, Irlande (pays)] ; F. Sciarrino [Italie] ; C. Sias [Italie]Experimental realization of the quantum universal NOT gate
005225 (2002) S. Picozzi [Italie] ; A. Continenza [Italie] ; A. J. Freeman [États-Unis]The Co2MnGe Heusler compound: A first principles study of the bulk phase and of the interface with GaAs
005241 (2002) V. Dediu [Italie] ; M. Murgia [Italie] ; F. C. Matacotta [Italie] ; C. Taliani [Italie] ; S. Barbanera [Italie]Room temperature spin polarized injection in organic semiconductor
005268 (2001-11-07) V. Dediu [Italie] ; M. Murgia [Italie] ; S. Barbanera [Italie] ; C. Taliani [Italie]Spin valve effect in hybrid organic-inorganic device
005453 (1994) Tuncay Aktosun [États-Unis] ; Cornelis Van Der Meet [Italie]Inverse scattering in one dimension for a generalized Schrödinger equation
005484 (????) Giovanna Scarel [Italie] ; Axel Svane [Danemark] ; Marco Fanciulli [Italie]Scientific and Technological Issues Related to Rare Earth Oxides: An Introduction
005485 (????) Silvia Picozzi [Italie] ; Alessandra Continenza [Italie] ; Arthur J. Freeman [États-Unis]Role of Structural Defects on the Half-Metallic Character of Heusler Alloys and Their Junctions with Ge and GaAs

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