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List of bibliographic references indexed by POTE

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 23.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
003740 (2001) L. D'Orazio [Italie] ; G. Gentile [Italie] ; C. Mancarella [Italie] ; E. Martuscelli [Italie] ; V. Massa [Italie]Water-dispersed polymers for the conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage: a molecular, thermal, structural and mechanical characterisation
003766 (2001) Subject index
003856 (2001) Walter Michaeli [Allemagne] ; Dirk Gutberlet [Allemagne] ; Markus Gli Mann [Allemagne]Characterisation of the spherulite structure of polypropylene using light-microscope methods
003877 (2001) X. Colin [France] ; C. Marais [France] ; J. Verdu [France]A new method for predicting the thermal oxidation of thermoset matrices
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004337 (1999) Joachim Fiebig [Autriche] ; Markus Gahleitner [Autriche] ; Christian Paulik [Autriche] ; Johannes Wolfschwenger [Autriche]Ageing of polypropylene: processes and consequences
004A33 (1998) Other contents
004E73 (1997) N. Sombatsompop [Royaume-Uni, Thaïlande] ; A. K. Wood [Royaume-Uni]Measurement of thermal conductivity of polymers using an improved Lee's Disc apparatus
004F30 (1997) Viveca Lönnberg [Finlande] ; Paul Starck [Finlande]Comparison of the weather resistance of different thermoplastic elastomers
005855 (1995) Contents of volume 14
005C40 (1994) Papers published in volume 13
005C53 (1994) M. Akay ; S. OzdenMeasurement of residual stresses in injection moulded thermoplastics
005C87 (1994) Contents of volume 13
005D03 (1994) John S. Dick [États-Unis] ; Henry Pawlowski [États-Unis] ; Erwin Scheers [Belgique]Alternate instrumental methods of measuring scorch and cure characteristics
005D05 (1994) Chaitanya S. Shah [Inde] ; Mahendra J. Patni [Inde] ; Madhav V. Pandya [Inde]Accelerated aging and life time prediction analysis of polymer composites: a new approach for a realistic prediction using cumulative damage theory
005F82 (1993) John LopezMicrohardness testing of plastics: Literature review
006515 (1991) R. P. Brown [Royaume-Uni]Survey of status of test methods for accelerated durability testing
006A64 (1989) Subhendra Bakshi [Inde] ; A. K. Kulshreshtha [Inde] ; B. P. Singh [Inde] ; J. S. Anand [Inde]Stress-whitening of polypropylene block copolymer in impact tests and its measurement
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007330 (1985) D. M. Bigg [États-Unis] ; W. Mirick [États-Unis] ; D. E. Stutz [États-Unis]Measurement of EMI shielding of plastic composites using a dual chamber facility
007349 (1985) P. R. Hornsby [Royaume-Uni] ; D. P. Singh [Royaume-Uni] ; G. R. Sothern [Royaume-Uni]Determination of residence time distribution in polymer processing apparatus using tracer techniques

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