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Number of relevant bibliographic references: 49.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000535 (2012) Daniele Bajoni [Italie]Polariton lasers. Hybrid lightmatter lasers without inversion
000536 (2012) Charlotte David [France] ; Jean-Fabien Capsal [France] ; Lydia Laffont [France] ; Eric Dantras [France] ; Colette Lacabanne [France]Piezoelectric properties of polyamide 11/NaNbO3 nanowire composites
000549 (2012) D. Bhadra [Inde] ; Md G. Masud [Inde] ; S K De [Inde] ; B K Chaudhuri [Inde]Large magnetoelectric effect and low-loss high relative permittivity in 03 CuO/PVDF composite films exhibiting unusual ferromagnetism at room temperature
000A20 (2011) C. Thomas [France] ; G. Teyssedre [France] ; C. Laurent [France]Space-charge dynamic in polyethylene: from dc to ac stress
000A29 (2011) P. Levif [Canada] ; J. Sguin [Canada] ; M. Moisan [Canada] ; A. Soum-Glaude [Canada] ; J. Barbeau [Canada]Packaging materials for plasma sterilization with the flowing afterglow of an N2O2 discharge: damage assessment and inactivation efficiency of enclosed bacterial spores
000A38 (2011) Vijay Surla [États-Unis] ; David Ruzic [États-Unis]High-energy density beams and plasmas for micro- and nano-texturing of surfaces by rapid melting and solidification
000A45 (2011) L. Petersson [Suède] ; P. Meier [Suisse] ; X. Kornmann [Suisse] ; H. Hillborg [Suède]Effect of surface cleanliness of aluminium substrates on silicone rubber adhesion
000A55 (2011) V K Khanna [Inde]Adhesiondelamination phenomena at the surfaces and interfaces in microelectronics and MEMS structures and packaged devices
000D33 (2011) Author index with titles (volume 44)
000E95 (2010) Sang-Koog Kim1 [Corée du Sud]Micromagnetic computer simulations of spin waves in nanometre-scale patterned magnetic elements
000E97 (2010) V V Kruglyak [Royaume-Uni] ; S O Demokritov [Allemagne] ; D. Grundler [Allemagne]Magnonics
000F11 (2010) J J Gracio [Portugal] ; Q H Fan [Portugal] ; J C Madaleno [Portugal]Diamond growth by chemical vapour deposition
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001395 (2009) Tasneem Zahra Rizvi [Pakistan] ; Abdul Shakoor [Pakistan]Electrical conductivity and dielectric properties of polypyrrole/Namontmorillonite (PPy/NaMMT) clay nanocomposites
001398 (2009) S. Saloum [Syrie] ; M. Akel ; B. AlkhaledEffect of electron energy probability function on plasma CVD/modification in a 13.56MHz hollow cathode discharge
001400 (2009) E. Torres [Italie] ; D. Ugues [Italie] ; Z. Brytan [Italie] ; M. Perucca [Italie]Development of multilayer coatings for forming dies and tools of aluminium alloy from liquid state
001818 (2008) Zhaofeng Li [Turquie] ; Koray Aydin [Turquie] ; Ekmel Ozbay [Turquie]Wide bandwidth directional beaming via waveguide ports in photonic crystals
001819 (2008) Dongdong Gu [République populaire de Chine] ; Yifu Shen [République populaire de Chine]The role of La2O3 in direct laser sintering of submicrometre WCCop/Cu MMCs
001827 (2008) Yan-Cheng Zhao [République populaire de Chine] ; Fang Zhao [République populaire de Chine] ; Li-Bo Yuan [République populaire de Chine]Study on interface guided mode of 2D heterostructures dislocation defect phononic crystal
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001834 (2008) N. Lucas [Allemagne] ; V. Ermel [Allemagne] ; M. Kurrat [Allemagne] ; S. Bttgenbach [Allemagne]Microplasma stamps for selective surface modification: design and characterization

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