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List of bibliographic references indexed by 1359-0189

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 10.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
006527 (1991) H. S. Virk [Inde]Status and perspectives of track research at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
006617 (1991) P. Mahawatte ; R. HewamannaAbsolute alpha activity measurements of some plants growing in monazite bearing soils in Sri Lanka
006835 (1990) Adams Tidjani [Sénégal]Effects of UV light on the efficiency of alpha-particle detection of CR-39, LR-115 type II and CN-85
006851 (1990) A. J. Khan [Inde] ; A. K. Varshney [Inde] ; Rajendra Prasad [Inde] ; R. K. Tyagi [Inde] ; T. V. Ramachandran [Inde]Calibration of a CR-39 plastic track detector for the measurement of radon and its daughters in dwellings
006A61 (1989) S. Kandaiya [Malaisie] ; S. A. R. Al-Najjar [Allemagne] ; E. Piesch [Allemagne]Study of α-energy discrimination in CR-39 track etch detectors for use as a radon/thoron dosemeter
006B26 (1989) Li Boyang [République populaire de Chine]Comparison of the viewpoints on track treeing in foil CR-39
007144 (1986) G. Espinosa ; J. I. Golzarri ; I. Gamboa ; I. JacobsonNatural radioactivity in Mexican building material by SSNTD
007151 (1986) S. Biswas [Inde] ; R. Chakraborty [Inde] ; R. Cowsik [Inde] ; N. Durgaprasad [Inde] ; P. J. Kajarekar [Inde] ; R. K. Singh [Inde] ; M. N. Vahia [Inde] ; J. S. Yadav [Inde] ; J. N. Goswami [Inde] ; D. Lal [Inde] ; H. S. Mazumdar [Inde] ; D. V. Subhedar [Inde] ; M. K. Padmanabhan [Inde]Indian cosmic ray experiment ions (Anuradha) in space shuttle spacelab-3 using CR-39 detectors
007158 (1986) E. Piesch [Allemagne] ; M. Urban [Allemagne]Dosimetric properties of different CR-39 plastics used as neutron recoil track etch detector
007159 (1986) M. Sohrabi [Iran]Discovery of an “internal heating effect” during electrochemical etching of polymeric dosimeters: A study of polymer characteristics

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