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000120 (2013) Yiqi Yang [États-Unis] ; Narendra Reddy [États-Unis]Utilizing discarded plastic bags as matrix material for composites reinforced with chicken feathers
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000132 (2013) Narendra Reddy ; Yiqi Yang [États-Unis]Thermoplastic films from plant proteins
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000135 (2013) M. D. Samper [Espagne] ; E. Fages [Espagne] ; O. Fenollar [Espagne] ; T. Boronat [Espagne] ; R. Balart [Espagne]The potential of flavonoids as natural antioxidants and UV light stabilizers for polypropylene
000138 (2013) Anaïs Vignon [France] ; Ali Ayoub [France] ; Valérie Massardier [France]The effect of γ‐Irradiation and reactive extrusion on the structure and properties of polycarbonate and starch blends: A work oriented to the recycling of thermoplastic wastes
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000148 (2013) Kensuke Miyazaki [Japon] ; Masato Hamadate [Japon] ; Minoru Terano [Japon] ; Hisayuki Nakatani [Japon]Syndiotactic polypropylene/microfibrous cellulose composites: Effect of filler size on tensile properties
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000171 (2013) Jun Bian [République populaire de Chine] ; Xiao Wei Wei [République populaire de Chine] ; Hai Lan Lin [République populaire de Chine] ; I Ta Chang [États-Unis] ; Erol Sancaktar [États-Unis]Retracted: PP/PP‐g‐MAH/layered expanded graphite oxide nanocomposites prepared via masterbatch process

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