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List of bibliographic references indexed by 0042-207X

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 42.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
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006622 (1991) 7277. Deposition cluster and cluster tool equipment trends in Japan
006623 (1991) 7276. Point defect defect trapping in ion implanted Al(Cu)
006624 (1991) 7275. Development of multispecimen holder for ion irradiation experiments
006625 (1991) 7274. Wear resistance of ion-implanted, chemically vapor-deposited nickel die inserts
006626 (1991) 7273. Temperature dependence of 4He/3He exchange in Ni
006627 (1991) 7272. Microstructural evolution in metals during helium and proton irradiations
006628 (1991) 7271. Damage production and annealing in ion-irradiated fcc metals
006629 (1991) 7270. Computer simulation of high energy displacement cascades
006810 (1990) New patents
006A30 (1989) The status of fusion research
006A31 (1989) The physical basis for numerical fluid simulations in laser fusion
006A70 (1989) Selective reactive ion etching of GaAs on AlGaAs using CCl2F2 and He
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006A84 (1989) Operational limits and confinement in JET
006B00 (1989) Invariance principles and plasma confinement
006B09 (1989) Further improvements in end point detection using a wide angle ion beam souce
006B14 (1989) Etching of tungsten with XeF2: an x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study
006B38 (1989) A study of crack initiation and propagation in Ni Cr thermally sprayed coatings using acoustic emission techniques
006B41 (1989) A Schottky barrier study of beam incidence in argon ion beam etching

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