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000122 (2013) Valeria Pettarin [Argentine] ; Gast N Viau [Argentine] ; Laura Fasce [Argentine] ; Julio C. Viana [Portugal] ; Antonio J. Pontes [Portugal, Argentine] ; Patricia M. Frontini [Argentine] ; Antonio S. Pouzada [Portugal]Uni‐ and biaxial impact behavior of double‐gated nanoclay‐reinforced polypropylene injection moldings
000129 (2013) Imanol González [Espagne] ; Asier Zabaleta [Espagne] ; José Ignacio Eguiazábal [Espagne]Toughening and brittle‐tough transition in polyamide 12‐organoclay/maleated styrene‐ethylene‐co‐butylene‐styrene nanocomposites
000141 (2013) Denis Mihaela Panaitescu [Roumanie] ; Zina Vuluga [Roumanie] ; Petru V. Notingher [Roumanie] ; Cristian Nicolae [Roumanie]The effect of poly[styrene‐b‐(ethylene‐co‐butylene)‐ b‐styrene] on dielectric, thermal, and morphological characteristics of polypropylene/silica nanocomposites
000145 (2013) Jiangping Qian [République populaire de Chine] ; Wenxiang Zhou [République populaire de Chine] ; Yikai Yu [République populaire de Chine] ; Mingzhong Cai [République populaire de Chine]Synthesis and properties of novel copolymers of poly(ether ketone ether ketone ketone) and poly(ether amide amide ether ketone ketone)
000181 (2013) A. Campos ; K. B. R. Teodoro ; E. M. Teixeira ; A. C. Corrêa ; J. M. Marconcini ; D. F. Wood [États-Unis] ; T. G. Williams [États-Unis] ; L. H. C. MattosoProperties of thermoplastic starch and TPS/polycaprolactone blend reinforced with sisal whiskers using extrusion processing
000191 (2013) Zhenming Chen [République populaire de Chine] ; Yan Liu [République populaire de Chine] ; Chenguang Yao [République populaire de Chine] ; Guisheng Yang [République populaire de Chine]Preparation and characterization of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)‐poly(ethylene oxide terephthalate) segmented copolymer/multiwalled carbon nanotubes composites by in situ polymerization
000204 (2013) Mohamed M. Eissa ; Moshera S. A. Youssef ; A. M. Ramadan [Égypte] ; Amal AminPoly(ester‐amine) hyperbranched polymer as toughening and co‐curing agent for epoxy/clay nanocomposites
000216 (2013) Y. J. Phua [Malaisie] ; W. S. Chow [Malaisie] ; Z. A. Mohd Ishak [Malaisie]Organomodification of montmorillonite and its effects on the properties of poly(butylene succinate) nanocomposites
000222 (2013) Yun-Mei Luo [France] ; Luc Chevalier [France] ; Françoise Utheza [France] ; Eric Monteiro [France]Numerical simulation of the thermodependant viscohyperelastic behavior of polyethylene terephthalate near the glass transition temperature: Prediction of the self‐heating during biaxial tension test
000234 (2013) Mounir El Achaby [Maroc] ; Fatima-Ezzahra Arrakhiz [Maroc] ; Sébastien Vaudreuil [Maroc] ; El Mokhtar Essassi [Maroc] ; Abouelkacem Qaiss [Maroc] ; Mostapha Bousmina [Maroc]Nanocomposite films of poly(vinylidene fluoride) filled with polyvinylpyrrolidone‐coated multiwalled carbon nanotubes: Enhancement of β‐polymorph formation and tensile properties
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000247 (2013) Rajul Sharma [Inde] ; S. N. Maiti [Inde]Modification of tensile and impact properties of poly(butylene terephthlate) by incorporation of styrene‐ethylene‐butylene‐styrene and maleic anhydride‐grafted‐SEBS (SEBS‐g‐MA) terpolymer
000265 (2013) Sheng Xu [République populaire de Chine] ; Xiaowen Zhao [République populaire de Chine] ; Lin Ye [République populaire de Chine]Mechanical and crystalline properties of monomer casting Nylon‐6/Sio2 composites prepared via in situ polymerization
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000307 (2013) Pongpol Ekabutr [Thaïlande] ; Wanchai Lerdwijitjarud [Thaïlande] ; Amnard Sittattrakul [Thaïlande]Glycerol and esterified products of palmitic acid as a mixed plasticizer for thermoplastic tapioca starch
000329 (2013) Manas Mondal [Allemagne] ; Uwe Gohs [Allemagne] ; Udo Wagenknecht [Allemagne] ; Gert Heinrich [Allemagne]Efficiency of high energy electrons to produce polypropylene/natural rubber‐based thermoplastic elastomer
000334 (2013) Roberta K. Sadi [Brésil] ; Guilhermino J. M. Fechine [Brésil] ; Nicole R. Demarquette [Brésil, Canada]Effect of prior photodegradation on the biodegradation of polypropylene/poly(3‐hydroxybutyrate) blends
000342 (2013) Manoranjan Biswal [Inde] ; Smita Mohanty [Inde] ; Sanjay K. Nayak [Inde] ; P. Sudheesh Kumar [Inde]Effect of functionalized nanosilica on the mechanical, dynamic‐mechanical, and morphological performance of polycarbonate/nanosilica nanocomposites
000371 (2013) Pijush Kanti Chattopadhyay [Inde] ; Srinivasan Praveen [Inde] ; Narayan Chandra Das [États-Unis] ; Santanu Chattopadhyay [Inde]Contribution of organomodified clay on hybrid microstructures and properties of epoxidized natural rubber‐based nanocomposites
000393 (2013) M. Elanmugilan [Inde] ; P. A. Sreekumar ; N. K. Singha [Inde] ; Mamdouh A. Al-Harthi ; S. K. DeAging of low‐density polyethylene in natural weather, underground soil aging and sea water: Effect of a starch‐based prodegradant additive
000427 (2013) J. E. Crespo [Espagne] ; F. Parres [Espagne] ; M. A. Peydro [Espagne] ; R. Navarro [Espagne]Study of Rheological, Thermal, and Mechanical Behavior of Reprocessed Polyamide 6

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