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List of bibliographic references indexed by Anil K. Bhowmick

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 22.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000811 (2012) Pradip K. Maji [Inde] ; Anil K. Bhowmick [Inde]Efficacy of clay content and microstructure of curing agents on the structure–property relationship of new‐generation polyurethane nanocomposites
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001609 (2009) T. Kuila [Inde] ; S. K. Srivastava [Inde] ; Anil K. Bhowmick [Inde]Ethylene vinyl acetate/ethylene propylene diene terpolymer‐blend‐layered double hydroxide nanocomposites
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001A94 (2008) K. Dinesh Kumar [Inde] ; Sanjiv Gupta [Inde] ; Andy H. Tsou [États-Unis] ; Anil K. Bhowmick [Inde]Compatibility and viscoelastic properties of brominated isobutylene‐co‐p‐methylstyrene rubber/tackifier blends
001E14 (2007) Anirban Ganguly [Inde] ; M. De Sarkar [Inde] ; Anil K. Bhowmick [Inde]Morphological mapping and analysis of poly[styrene‐b‐(ethylene‐co‐butylene)‐b‐styrene] and its clay nanocomposites by atomic force microscopy
002193 (2006) Madhuchhanda Maiti [Inde] ; Anil K. Bhowmick [Inde]Structure and properties of some novel fluoroelastomer/clay nanocomposites with special reference to their interaction
002298 (2006) Madhuchhanda Maiti [Inde] ; Jaydeep Patel [Inde] ; Kinsuk Naskar [Inde] ; Anil K. Bhowmick [Inde]Influence of various crosslinking systems on the mechanical properties of gas phase EPDM/PP thermoplastic vulcanizates
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004D91 (1997) Abhijit Jha [Inde] ; Anil K. Bhowmick [Inde]Thermoplastic elastomeric blends of poly(ethylene terephthalate) and acrylate rubber: 1. Influence of interaction on thermal, dynamic mechanical and tensile properties

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