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List of bibliographic references indexed by Toronto

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 42.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
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000A36 (2011) C. Escobedo [Canada] ; S. Vincent [Canada] ; A I K. Choudhury [Canada] ; J. Campbell [Canada] ; A G Brolo [Canada] ; D. Sinton [Canada] ; R. Gordon [Canada]Integrated nanohole array surface plasmon resonance sensing device using a dual-wavelength source
000A62 (2011) Kevin M. Higgins [Canada]What treatment for early‐stage glottic carcinoma among adult patients: CO2 endolaryngeal laser excision versus standard fractionated external beam radiation is superior in terms of cost utility?
000A73 (2011) Jennifer Boutelier [Canada] ; Alexander Cruden [Canada] ; Tom Brent [Canada] ; Randell Stephenson [Royaume-Uni]Timing and mechanisms controlling evaporite diapirism on Ellef Ringnes Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago
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001075 (2010) Mohamed Ghazy [Égypte] ; Omar El-Mowafy [Canada] ; Renato Roperto [Canada]Microleakage of Porcelain and Composite Machined Crowns Cemented with Self‐Adhesive or Conventional Resin Cement
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002B37 (2005) T. Behzad [Canada] ; M. Sain [Canada]Cure simulation of hemp fiber acrylic based composites during sheet molding process

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