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List of bibliographic references indexed by Nottingham

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 36.
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000010 (2015) Jayasheelan Vaithilingam [Royaume-Uni] ; Ruth D. Goodridge [Royaume-Uni] ; Steven D. R. Christie [Royaume-Uni] ; Steve Edmondson [Royaume-Uni] ; Richard J. M. Hague [Royaume-Uni]CHAPTER 2 - Additive Manufacturing and Surface Modification of Biomaterials using Self-assembled Monolayers
000083 (2014) P. Langston [Royaume-Uni] ; A. R. Kennedy [Royaume-Uni]Discrete element modelling of the packing of spheres and its application to the structure of porous metals made by infiltration of packed beds of NaCl beads
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000B33 (2011) C. A. Scotchford [Royaume-Uni] ; M. Shataheri [Royaume-Uni] ; P. Chen [Royaume-Uni] ; M. Evans [Royaume-Uni] ; A. J. Parsons [Royaume-Uni] ; G. A. Aitchison [Royaume-Uni] ; C. Efeoglu [Royaume-Uni] ; J. L. Burke [Royaume-Uni] ; A. Vikram [Royaume-Uni] ; S. E. Fisher [Royaume-Uni] ; C. D. Rudd [Royaume-Uni]Repair of calvarial defects in rats by prefabricated, degradable, long fibre composite implants
000E34 (2011) S. M. Afazov [Royaume-Uni] ; A. A. Becker [Royaume-Uni] ; T. H. Hyde [Royaume-Uni]FE prediction of residual stresses of investment casting in a Bottom Core Vane under equiaxed cooling
000E69 (2011) A. Endruweit [Royaume-Uni] ; A. C. Long [Royaume-Uni]A model for the in-plane permeability of triaxially braided reinforcements
001259 (2010) A. Endruweit [Royaume-Uni] ; L. T. Harper [Royaume-Uni] ; T. A. Turner [Royaume-Uni] ; N. A. Warrior [Royaume-Uni] ; A. C. Long [Royaume-Uni]Random Discontinuous Carbon Fiber Preforms: Experimental Permeability Characterization and Local Modeling
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002457 (2006) C. C. Wong [Royaume-Uni] ; A. C. Long [Royaume-Uni]Modelling variation of textile fabric permeability at mesoscopic scale

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