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List of bibliographic references indexed by Michigan

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 175.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
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000649 (2012) Xian Jiang [États-Unis] ; Lawrence T. Drzal [États-Unis]Reduction in percolation threshold of injection molded high‐density polyethylene/exfoliated graphene nanoplatelets composites by solid state ball milling and solid state shear pulverization
000720 (2012) Xian Jiang [États-Unis] ; Lawrence T. Drzal [États-Unis]Multifunctional high‐density polyethylene nanocomposites produced by incorporation of exfoliated graphene nanoplatelets 2: Crystallization, thermal and electrical properties
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List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
5Lawrence T. Drzal
3Albert F. Yee
3Gerard W. Malaczynski
3Laurent M. Matuana
3M. R. Barone
3Rafael Auras
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2Kai Ho
2Kil-Min Moon
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1Arash Hosseinzadeh

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