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List of bibliographic references indexed by Lombardie

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 10.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000256 (2013) Virginia Melli [Italie] ; Gianni Rondelli [Italie] ; Enrico Sandrini [Italie] ; Lina Altomare [Italie] ; Giovanni Bolelli [Italie] ; Benedetta Bonferroni [Italie] ; Luca Lusvarghi [Italie] ; Alberto Cigada [Italie] ; Luigi De Nardo [Italie]Metal injection molding as enabling technology for the production of metal prosthesis components: Electrochemical and in vitro characterization
000559 (2012) Tommaso Santaniello [Italie, Royaume-Uni] ; Federico Martello [Italie] ; Alessandro Tocchio [Italie] ; Federico Gassa [Italie] ; Patrick Webb [Italie] ; Paolo Milani [Italie] ; Cristina Lenardi [Italie]Excimer laser micropatterning of freestanding thermo-responsive hydrogel layers for cells-on-chip applications
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List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
2C. Mapelli
1A. Marcandalli
1Alberto Cigada
1Alessandro Tocchio
1Angelo De Lollis
1Antonella Del Vecchio
1Barbara Longobardi
1Benedetta Bonferroni
1Camillo Paffoni
1Christian Furtmüller
1Claudio Fiorino
1Cristina Lenardi
1Enrico Sandrini
1Federico Gassa
1Federico Martello
1Filippo M. Carlini
1G. Cerullo
1Gianluca Giavaresi
1Gianni Rondelli
1Gioacchino Boffa
1Giovanni Bolelli
1Giovanni Mauro Cattaneo
1H. J. W. M. Hoekstra
1Lina Altomare
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1Luca Lusvarghi
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1Marcello Fusca
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1Patrizia Signorotto
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1R. Osellame
1Riccardo Calandrino
1Roberto Giardino
1S. Semplici
1Tommaso Santaniello
1Virginia Melli
1W. Nicodemi

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