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000482 (2013) Anton Gorny [Canada] ; Jeyakumar Manickaraj [Canada] ; ZHONGHOU CAI [États-Unis] ; Sumanth Shankar [Canada]Evolution of Fe based intermetallic phases in Al-Si hypoeutectic casting alloys: Influence of the Si and Fe concentrations, and solidification rate
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001766 (2009) John M. Bayldon [États-Unis] ; Isaac M. Daniel [États-Unis]Flow modeling of the VARTM process including progressive saturation effects

List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
4Brian T. Cunningham
4Charles L. Iii Tucker
4M. Piskur
3Hsin-Yu Wu
3Wesley R. Burghardt
2Annelise E. Barron
2Atul Khare
2B. G. Thomas
2Charles J. Choi
2Daniel Z. Turner
2David Cookson
2David Sutton
2Erin A. S. Doherty
2H. Geil
2Isaac M. Daniel
2J. G. Conley
2J. Huang
2John A. Rogers
2K. M. Pillai
2Keith D. Hjelmstad
2Lecon Woo
2Patrick C. Mathias
2Philip Engler
2Robert Knott
2Stephen H. Carr
2Tracey Hanley
2V. Petronic-Rosic
2Wei Zhang
1A. A. Savin
1A. Alleyne
1A. Ardeshir Goshtasby
1A. Bamberger
1A. Bargende
1A. Bernstein
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1A. Cassidy
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