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Number of relevant bibliographic references: 240.
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000012 (2015) Yi Chiu [Taïwan] ; Yu-Ting Cheng [Taïwan]CHAPTER 12 - SU-8 for Microsystem Fabrication
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000213 (2013) Li-Yin Chen [Taïwan] ; Yi-Ru Wu [Taïwan] ; Jin-Kai Chang [Taïwan]P.72: Glass‐based Color Conversion Multilayer for White Light‐emitting‐diodes and its Angular Color Performance
000227 (2013) Chi-Yuan Hung [Taïwan] ; Cheng-Chien Wang [Taïwan] ; Chuh-Yung Chen [Taïwan]New approach for preparation of exfoliated clay hybrid via wet kneading masterbatch process
000268 (2013) Linlin Liu [République populaire de Chine] ; Liping Zhao [République populaire de Chine] ; Jun Yang [République populaire de Chine] ; Xiaoping Wan [République populaire de Chine] ; Ning Hu [République populaire de Chine, Corée du Sud] ; Li-Hsien Yeh [États-Unis, Taïwan] ; Sang W. Joo [Corée du Sud] ; Shizhi Qian [Corée du Sud, États-Unis]Low‐Voltage Pulsed Electric Field Sterilization on a Microfluidic Chip
000475 (2013) Yi-Ren Jeng [Taïwan] ; De-Shin Liu [Taïwan] ; Hong-Tzong Yau [Taïwan]Fast Numerical Algorithm for Optimization Mold Shape of Direct Injection Molding Process
000487 (2013) Shih-Chih Nian [Taïwan] ; Ming-Shyan Huang [Taïwan]Enhancement of Weld Line Mechanical Strength Using a Novel Ejector-Pins Compression System
000490 (2013) Hui-Li Chen [Taïwan] ; Shia-Chung Chen [Taïwan] ; Won-Hsion Liao [Taïwan] ; Rean-Der Chien [Taïwan] ; Yu-Tseng Lin [Taïwan]Effects of insert film on asymmetric mold temperature and associated part warpage during in-mold decoration injection molding of PP parts
000531 (2012) Chun-Ching Hsiao [Taïwan] ; Shih-Yuan Yu [Taïwan]Rapid deposition process for zinc oxide film applications in pyroelectric devices
000544 (2012) T. Chuang [Taïwan] ; T. Fang [Taïwan] ; M. Jiang [Taïwan] ; W. Lei [Taïwan] ; B. Shew [Taïwan] ; C. Fu [Taïwan]Motion-path-based three-dimensional x-ray free-form micromachining system
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000553 (2012) Chien-Lin Chang-Chien [Taïwan] ; Yu-Che Huang [Taïwan] ; Ming-Chuen Yip [Taïwan] ; Weileun Fang [Taïwan]Flip glass substrate package technology for LED yield and performance enhancement
000561 (2012) Chih-Chun Lee [Taïwan] ; Yi-Shuo Ting [Taïwan] ; Weileun Fang [Taïwan]Development of passive and active microprism arrays to change the radiation pattern of solid-state lighting
000562 (2012) Chun-Chao Tsui [Taïwan] ; Hsiang-Chun Wei [Taïwan] ; Wen-Fa Chang [Taïwan] ; Guo-Dung John Su [Taïwan]Design and fabrication of a mid-wavelength infrared Fresnel lens via liquid poly(methyl methacrylate)
000912 (2012) Amy Y. Hsiao [États-Unis] ; Yi-Chung Tung [États-Unis, Taïwan] ; Xianggui Qu [États-Unis] ; Lalit R. Patel [États-Unis] ; Kenneth J. Pienta [États-Unis] ; Shuichi Takayama [États-Unis, Corée du Sud]384 hanging drop arrays give excellent Z‐factors and allow versatile formation of co‐culture spheroids
000926 (2012) Pin-Chuan Chen [Singapour, Taïwan] ; WEI FAN [Singapour] ; Tun-Kai Hoo [Singapour] ; LEON CONG ZHI CHAN [Singapour] ; ZHIPING WANG [Singapour]Simulation guided-design of a microfluidic thermal reactor for polymerase chain reaction
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000969 (2012) Hsuan-Liang Lin [Taïwan] ; Shia-Chung Chen [Taïwan] ; Ming-Chang Jeng [Taïwan] ; PHAM SON MINH [Taïwan] ; Jen-An Chang [Taïwan] ; Jiun-Ren Hwang [Taïwan]Induction heating with the ring effect for injection molding plates
000A30 (2011) C K Chung [Taïwan] ; S L Lin [Taïwan]On the fabrication of minimizing bulges and reducing the feature dimensions of microchannels using novel CO2 laser micromachining

List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
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