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Number of relevant bibliographic references: 232.
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000C49 (2011) Sergei G. Romanov [Allemagne, Russie] ; Alexander V. Korovin [Allemagne] ; Alois. Regensburger [Allemagne] ; Ulf. Peschel [Allemagne]Hybrid Colloidal Plasmonic‐Photonic Crystals
000D27 (2011) Boyang Ding [Irlande (pays)] ; Maria Bardosova [Irlande (pays)] ; Martyn E. Pemble [Irlande (pays)] ; Alexander V. Korovin [Allemagne] ; Ulf Peschel [Allemagne] ; Sergei G. Romanov [Allemagne, Russie]Broadband Omnidirectional Diversion of Light in Hybrid Plasmonic‐Photonic Heterocrystals
000E84 (2010) A P Alodjants [Russie] ; I O Barinov [Russie] ; S M Arakelian [Russie]Strongly localized polaritons in an array of trapped two-level atoms interacting with a light field
000F01 (2010) A. Gelman [Russie] ; Y V Radeonychev [Russie]Laser control of the optical properties of a doped photonic crystal
000F04 (2010) P. Peier [Suisse] ; H. Merbold [Suisse] ; V. Pahinin [Russie] ; K A Nelson [États-Unis] ; T. Feurer [Suisse]Imaging of THz waves in 2D photonic crystal structures embedded in a slab waveguide
000F63 (2010) V. P. Volkov [Russie] ; A. N. Zelenetsky [Russie] ; V. G. Shevchenko [Russie] ; A. T. Ponomarenko [Russie] ; M. D. Sizova [Russie]Synthesis and properties of electromagnetic wave shielding polymer materials with low flammability
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001127 (2010) Gleb B. Vasilyev [Russie] ; Veronika V. Makarova [Russie] ; Stephen J. Picken [Pays-Bas] ; Alexander V. Rebrov [Russie] ; Valery G. Kulichikhin [Russie]Extension rheology of liquid‐crystalline solution/layered silicate hybrids
001282 (2010) A. I. Dmitriev [Russie] ; W. Österle [Allemagne]Modeling of brake pad-disc interface with emphasis to dynamics and deformation of structures
001710 (2009) Madhumita Mukherjee [Inde] ; Tanya Das [Inde] ; Saswata Bose [Inde] ; CHAPAL KUMAR DAS [Inde] ; Alexander P. Kharitonov [Russie] ; Kaushik Banik [Allemagne] ; THAM NGUYEN CHUNG [Allemagne] ; Gunter Mennig [Allemagne]Simulation of Fibrillation of PC/LCP/Kevlar Blends and Its Characterizations
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001C28 (2008) V. V. Kortenko [Russie] ; A. E. Valamin [Russie] ; D. N. Shanturov [Russie] ; E. V. Sokolov [Russie] ; S. V. Toibich [Russie] ; A. N. Glushchenko [Russie]Experience Gained at ZAO Ural Turbine Works with the Use of Computer-Aided Design Systems
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001E28 (2007) Aleksandr V. Eletskii [Russie]Mechanical properties of carbon nanostructures and related materials

List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
6O. G. Martynenko
4Sailing He
4V. A. Kargin
3A. V. Luikov
3E. Said-Galiev
3Mikhail Popov
3N. Nikitin
3R. Aliev
3R. I. Soloukhin
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2A. Popova
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2Alexander V. Korovin
2Andreas N. Alexandrou
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2C. Timmermans
2Constantin R. Simovski
2Constantin Simovski
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2L. Fridman
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1A A Dukin
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1A. Buz
1A. Byrne

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