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List of bibliographic references indexed by Pologne

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 90.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000D36 (2011) P. Falkowski [Pologne] ; P. Elert [Pologne]Application of Water-Thinnable Photopolymerizable Resin for Shaping of Microreactors - Preliminary Results
000D67 (2011) Wiesław Krajewski [Pologne] ; Stefano Miani [Italie] ; Aurelio Carlos Morassutti [Italie] ; Umberto Viaro [Italie]Switching Policies for Mold Level Control in Continuous Casting Plants
000D75 (2011) Rafal Reizer [Pologne] ; Lidia Galda [Pologne] ; Andrzej Dzierwa [Pologne] ; Pawel Pawlus [Pologne]Simulation of textured surface topography during a low wear process
000E10 (2011) Marcin Hojny [Pologne] ; Miroslaw Glowacki [Pologne]Modeling of Strain-Stress Relationship for Carbon Steel Deformed at Temperature Exceeding Hot Rolling Range
001037 (2010) Katarzyna Matras-Postolek [Pologne, Allemagne] ; Dariusz Bogdal [Pologne]Polymer Nanocomposites for Electro-Optics: Perspectives on Processing Technologies, Material Characterization, and Future Application
001159 (2010) Monika Konieczna [Pologne] ; Ewa Markiewicz [Pologne] ; Jan Jurga [Pologne]Dielectric properties of polyethylene terephthalate/polyphenylene sulfide/barium titanate nanocomposite for application in electronic industry
001194 (2010) Andrzej Pawlak [Pologne] ; Andrzej Galeski [Pologne]Cavitation and morphological changes in polypropylene deformed at elevated temperatures
001201 (2010) Kinga Pielichowska [Pologne] ; Stanislaw Blazewicz [Pologne]Bioactive Polymer/Hydroxyapatite (Nano)composites for Bone Tissue Regeneration
001682 (2009) Jerzy Gobiowski [Pologne] ; Marek Zarba [Pologne]A method of analysing the thermal field in a threezone polymeric cable
001762 (2009) Kazimierz Duzinkiewicz [Pologne] ; Mietek A. Brdys [Pologne, Royaume-Uni] ; Wojciech Kurek [Pologne] ; Robert Piotrowski [Pologne]Genetic Hybrid Predictive Controller for Optimized Dissolved-Oxygen Tracking at Lower Control Level
001909 (2008) Waldemar Trzci Ski [Pologne] ; Stanisław Cudziło [Pologne] ; J Zef Paszula [Pologne] ; James Callaway [Royaume-Uni]Study of the Effect of Additive Particle Size on Non‐ideal Explosive Performance
001963 (2008) E. Lezak [Pologne] ; Z. Bartczak [Pologne]Plastic deformation behavior of β phase isotactic polypropylene in plane‐strain compression at elevated temperatures
001974 (2008) Andrzej J. Nowak ; Zbigniew Buliski [Pologne] ; Andrzej J. Nowak [Pologne]Numerical analysis and experimental validation of the free surface flow and heat transfer in electrical transformers moulding processes
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001F33 (2007) Robert Masirek [Pologne] ; Zbigniew Kulinski [Pologne] ; Donatella Chionna [Italie] ; Ewa Piorkowska [Pologne] ; Mariano Pracella [Italie]Composites of poly(L‐lactide) with hemp fibers: Morphology and thermal and mechanical properties
002139 (2006) C. Debaes [Belgique] ; J Van Erps [Belgique] ; M. Vervaeke [Belgique] ; B. Volckaerts [Belgique] ; H. Ottevaere [Belgique] ; V. Gomez [Belgique] ; P. Vynck [Belgique] ; L. Desmet [Belgique] ; R. Krajewski [Pologne] ; Y. Ishii [Belgique] ; A. Hermanne [Belgique] ; H. Thienpont [Belgique]Deep proton writing: a rapid prototyping polymer micro-fabrication tool for micro-optical modules
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002240 (2006) Miroslaw Pluta [Pologne] ; Marie-Amélie Paul [Belgique] ; Michaël Alexandre [Belgique] ; Philippe Dubois [Belgique]Plasticized polylactide/clay nanocomposites. I. The role of filler content and its surface organo‐modification on the physico‐chemical properties
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002714 (2005) I. H. Craig [Royaume-Uni] ; J. R. White [Royaume-Uni] ; A. V. Shyichuk [Pologne] ; I. Syrotynska [Ukraine]Photo‐induced scission and crosslinking in LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE

List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
5E. Majchrzak
4Andrzej Pawlak
3A. Galeski
3B. Jurkowski
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