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List of bibliographic references indexed by Norvège

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 35.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000003 (2015) Lefteris Danos [Royaume-Uni] ; Thomas J. J. Meyer [Norvège] ; Pattareeya Kittidachachan [Thaïlande] ; Liping Fang [Royaume-Uni] ; Thomas S. Parel [Royaume-Uni] ; Nazila Soleimani [Royaume-Uni] ; Tomas Markvart [Royaume-Uni]Chapter 9 - Photon Frequency Management Materials for Efficient Solar Energy Collection
000062 (2014) H Vard Granlund [Norvège] ; Erik Andreassen [Norvège] ; Eirik Torbj Rn Bakken Kj Nsfjell [Norvège] ; Kristin H Ydalsvik [Norvège] ; Ana Diaz [Suisse] ; Dag Werner Breiby [Norvège]Measuring and Simulating Morphology Gradients in Injection-Molded Talc-Reinforced Isotactic Polypropylene
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000514 (2013) Mohammed M'Hamdi [Norvège] ; Sylvain Gouttebroze [Norvège] ; Hallvard G. Fjaer [Norvège]3D modelling of stresses and deformations during crystallisation of silicon accounting for ingot-crucible interactions
000B85 (2011) Per Martin R Rvik [Norvège] ; Tor Grande [Norvège] ; Mari-Ann Einarsrud [Norvège]One‐Dimensional Nanostructures of Ferroelectric Perovskites
000D64 (2011) Mohammed M'Hamdi [Norvège] ; Sylvain Gouttebroze [Norvège] ; Hallvard G. Fjaer [Norvège]Thermo-mechanical analysis of the ingot-crucible contact during multi-crystalline silicon ingot casting
000F16 (2010) Ruilin Zheng [Norvège, République populaire de Chine] ; Wei Sun [Norvège, République populaire de Chine] ; Xuyuan Chen [Norvège, République populaire de Chine]Characterizing and smoothing of striated sidewall morphology on UV-exposed thick SU-8 structures for micromachining millimeter wave circuits
001122 (2010) Antoine G. Beiske [Norvège] ; Jon H Vard Loge [Norvège] ; Marianne J. Hjermstad [Norvège] ; Elisabeth Svensson Phd [Norvège]Fatigue in Parkinson's disease: Prevalence and associated factors
001694 (2009) Cato D Rum [Norvège] ; Hans I. Laukli [Norvège] ; Odd Sture Hopperstad [Norvège]Through-process numerical simulations of the structural behaviour of Al-Si die-castings
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001F04 (2007) H. J. Haugen [Norvège] ; M. Brunner [Allemagne] ; F. Pellkofer [Allemagne] ; J. Aigner [Allemagne] ; J. Will [Allemagne] ; E. Wintermantel [Allemagne]Effect of different γ‐irradiation doses on cytotoxicity and material properties of porous polyether‐urethane polymer
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004705 (1999) E. J. Holm [Norvège] ; H. P. Langtangen [Norvège]A unified finite element model for the injection molding process

List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
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