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List of bibliographic references indexed by Israël

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 76.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000215 (2013) Golan A. Tanami [Israël] ; Ellen Wachtel [Israël] ; Gad Marom [Israël]Orientated CNT‐polypropylene nanocomposite films made from extruded monofilaments
000388 (2013) Dror Seliktar [Israël] ; Daniel Dikovsky [Israël] ; Eduardo Napadensky [Israël]Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives
000522 (2012) Jianhua Zeng [Israël, République populaire de Chine] ; Boris A. Malomed [Israël]Two-dimensional solitons and vortices in media with incommensurate linear and nonlinear lattice potentials
000753 (2012) Eyal Cohen [Israël] ; Amos Ophir [Israël]Irradiation‐induced grafting of poly(vinylidene fluoride)‐graft‐poly(styrene sulfonic acid) for the preparation of planar and tube‐shaped air‐drying membranes
000833 (2012) Doug M. Boyer [États-Unis] ; Loïc Costeur [Suisse] ; Yaron Lipman [Israël]Earliest record of Platychoerops (Primates, Plesiadapidae), a new species from Mouras Quarry, Mont de Berru, France
000873 (2012) A. R. Costa-Pinto [Portugal] ; V. M. Correlo [Portugal] ; P. C. Sol [Portugal] ; M. Bhattacharya [États-Unis] ; S. Srouji [Israël] ; E. Livne [Israël] ; R. L. Reis [Portugal] ; N. M. Neves [Portugal]Chitosan–poly(butylene succinate) scaffolds and human bone marrow stromal cells induce bone repair in a mouse calvaria model
001202 (2010) Alva Biran [Israël] ; Sharon Yagur-Kroll [Israël] ; Rami Pedahzur [Israël] ; Sebastian Buchinger [Allemagne] ; Georg Reifferscheid [Allemagne] ; Hadar Ben-Yoav [Israël] ; Yosi Shacham-Diamand [Israël] ; Shimshon Belkin [Israël]Bacterial genotoxicity bioreporters
001A40 (2008) Jonathan Lipp [Israël] ; Michael Shuster [Pays-Bas] ; Ann E. Terry [Israël, Royaume-Uni] ; Yachin Cohen [Israël]Fibril formation of 1,3:2,4‐Di(3,4‐dimethylbenzylidene) sorbitol in polymer melts
001A46 (2008) Jonathan Lipp [Israël] ; Carina Makarov [Israël] ; Rafail L. Khalfin [Israël] ; Michael Shuster [Israël] ; Larissa Berenstein [Israël] ; Ofira Melamed [Israël] ; Ayelet Odani [Israël] ; Arie Zaban [Israël] ; Yachin Cohen [Israël]Evaluation of nanoparticle dispersion in polypropylene by small‐angle X‐ray scattering
001B07 (2008) J. G. Hiremath [Inde] ; V. Kusum Devi [Inde] ; Kshama Devi [Inde] ; A. J. Domb [Israël]Biodegradable poly(sebacic acid‐co‐ricinoleic‐ester anhydride) tamoxifen citrate implants: Preparation and in vitro characterization
001B11 (2008) Amir Kraitzer [Israël] ; Yoel Kloog [Israël] ; Meital Zilberman [Israël]Approaches for prevention of restenosis
001E24 (2007) M. Letuchi [Israël] ; A. Tzur [Israël] ; R. Tchoudakov [Israël] ; M. Narkis [Israël] ; A. Siegmann [Israël]Melt processing and characterization of multicomponent polymeric nanocomposites containing organoclay
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002306 (2006) Tomer Zimrin [Israël] ; Yaara Freeda Haruvy [Israël] ; Shlomo Margel [Israël]High‐resolution measurements of water permeability and solubility in microelectronic‐casing made of a hydrophobic polymeric composite
002368 (2006) Deepak Chitkara [Inde] ; Ariella Shikanov [Israël] ; Neeraj Kumar [Inde] ; Abraham J. Domb [Israël]Biodegradable Injectable In Situ Depot‐Forming Drug Delivery Systems
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List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
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