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List of bibliographic references indexed by Finlande

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 56.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
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000353 (2013) Justin A. Ledogar [États-Unis] ; Julia M. Winchester [États-Unis, Finlande] ; Elizabeth M. St. Clair [États-Unis] ; Doug M. Boyer [États-Unis]Diet and dental topography in pitheciine seed predators
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000C30 (2011) Vamsi K. Palukuru [Finlande] ; Kensaku Sanoda [Finlande] ; Vesa Pyntt Ri [Finlande] ; Tao Hu [Finlande] ; Riku M Kinen [Finlande] ; Matti M Ntysalo [Finlande] ; Juha Hagberg [Finlande] ; Heli Jantunen [Finlande]Inkjet‐Printed RF Structures on BST–Polymer Composites: An Application of a Monopole Antenna for 2.4 GHz Wireless Local Area Network Operation
000C42 (2011) Jussi Kasanen [Finlande] ; Mika Suvanto [Finlande] ; Tuula T. Pakkanen [Finlande]Improved adhesion of TiO2‐based multilayer coating on HDPE and characterization of photocatalysis
001033 (2010) Mailadil T. Sebastian [Inde] ; Heli Jantunen [Finlande]Polymer–Ceramic Composites of 0–3 Connectivity for Circuits in Electronics: A Review
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List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
3Mika Suvanto
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3T. Pohjonen
3Tapani A. Pakkanen
2Anders Söderg Rd
2Heli Jantunen
2Johan Bergquist
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