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000006 (2015) Ensanya A. Abou Neel [Arabie saoudite, Égypte, Royaume-Uni] ; Wojciech Chrzanowski [Australie] ; Anne M. Young [Royaume-Uni]CHAPTER 7 - Interfaces in Composite Materials
000204 (2013) Mohamed M. Eissa ; Moshera S. A. Youssef ; A. M. Ramadan [Égypte] ; Amal AminPoly(ester‐amine) hyperbranched polymer as toughening and co‐curing agent for epoxy/clay nanocomposites
000380 (2013) Amany I. Raafat [Égypte] ; Aisha A. Saad Eldin [Égypte] ; Aida A. Salama [Égypte] ; Nashwa S. Ali [Égypte]Characterization and bioactivity evaluation of (starch/N‐vinylpyrrolidone)—hydroxyapatite nanocomposite hydrogels for bone tissue regeneration
000389 (2013) Noha A. Salem [Égypte] ; Ahmed L. Abo Taleb [Égypte] ; Moustafa N. Aboushelib [Égypte]Biomechanical and Histomorphometric Evaluation of Osseointegration of Fusion‐Sputtered Zirconia Implants
000495 (2013) Y. Abdin [Égypte] ; I. Taha [Égypte] ; A. El-Sabbagh [Allemagne] ; S. Ebeid [Égypte]Description of draping behaviour of woven fabrics over single curvatures by image processing and simulation techniques
000499 (2013) Ahmed El-Sabbagh [Allemagne, Égypte] ; Iman Taha [Égypte]Characterization of the Draping Behavior of Jute Woven Fabrics for Applications of Natural-Fiber/Epoxy Composites
000687 (2012) M. A. Hussein [Malaisie, Égypte] ; G. S. Tay [Malaisie] ; H. D. Rozman [Malaisie]Photo‐fabricated unsaturated polyester resin composites reinforced by kenaf fibers, synthesis and characterization
000816 (2012) Magdy M. H. Senna [Arabie saoudite] ; Yasser K. Abdel-Moneam [Égypte] ; Yousry A. Hussein [Arabie saoudite] ; Abdallah Alarifi [Arabie saoudite]Effects of electron beam irradiation on the structure–property behavior of blends based on low density polyethylene and styrene‐ethylene‐butylene‐styrene‐block copolymers
000847 (2012) Samy A. Madbouly [Allemagne, Égypte] ; Andreas Lendlein [Allemagne]Degradable Polyurethane/Soy Protein Shape‐Memory Polymer Blends Prepared Via Environmentally‐Friendly Aqueous Dispersions
000894 (2012) Samira T. Rabie [Égypte] ; Ahmed M. Khalil [Égypte]Antimicrobial agents as photostabilizers for rigid poly(vinyl chloride)
000A31 (2011) Nadia H. Rafat [Égypte] ; Sahar A. El-Naggar [Égypte] ; Samia I. Mostafa [Égypte]Modeling of a wide band pass optical filter based on 1D ternary dielectricmetallicdielectricphotonic crystals
000B55 (2011) Dietrich Braun [Allemagne] ; Samira T. Rabie [Égypte] ; Nahid Y. Khaireldin [Égypte] ; Mahmoud A. Abd El-Ghaffar [Égypte]Preparation and evaluation of some benzophenone terpolymers as photostabilizers for rigid PVC
001075 (2010) Mohamed Ghazy [Égypte] ; Omar El-Mowafy [Canada] ; Renato Roperto [Canada]Microleakage of Porcelain and Composite Machined Crowns Cemented with Self‐Adhesive or Conventional Resin Cement
001100 (2010) Medhat M. Hassan [Égypte] ; Raouf O. Aly [Égypte] ; Jehan A. Hasanen [Égypte] ; El Sayed F. El Sayed [Égypte]Influence of talc content on some properties of gamma irradiated composites of polyethylene and recycled rubber wastes
001886 (2008) Medhat M. Hassan [Égypte] ; Ghada. A. Mahmoud [Égypte] ; Magdy A. Ali [Égypte] ; El-Sayed A. Hegazy [Égypte]Thermal and morphological behavior of irradiated composite materials based on injection‐moulded recycled polyethylene terephthalate
001892 (2008) Medhat M. Hassan [Égypte] ; Nabil A. El-Kelesh [Égypte] ; Ahmed M. Dessouki [Égypte]The effect of gamma and electron beam irradiation on the thermal and mechanical properties of injection‐moulded high crystallinity poly(propylene)
001966 (2008) M. A. Abd El-Ghaffar [Égypte] ; N. R. El-Halawany [Égypte] ; H. A. Essawy [Égypte]Phthalocyanine/laponite nanocomposites as multifunction additives for stabilization of polymeric materials
001A19 (2008) Medhat M. Hassan [Égypte] ; Nabil A. El-Kelesh [Égypte] ; Ahmed M. Dessouki [Égypte]Influence of gamma irradiation on waste poly(propylene) composites containing talc and high crystallinity poly(propylene)
001A75 (2008) Magda M. Abou Zeid [Égypte] ; Nawal A. Shaltout [Égypte] ; Ahmed M. Khalil [Égypte] ; Ahmed A. El Miligy [Égypte]Effect of different coagents on physico‐chemical properties of electron beam cured NBR/HDPE composites reinforced with HAF carbon black
001A91 (2008) Magdy M. Senna [Égypte] ; Fatma M. Hossam [Égypte] ; Abdel Wahab M. El-Naggar [Égypte]Compatibilization of low‐density polyethylene/plasticized starch blends by reactive compounds and electron beam irradiation
001D27 (2007) H. L. Abd El-Mohdy [Égypte]Synthesis of starch‐based plastic films by electron beam irradiation

List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
5Medhat M. Hassan
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