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List of bibliographic references indexed by Université de Leeds

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 32.
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000B33 (2011) C. A. Scotchford [Royaume-Uni] ; M. Shataheri [Royaume-Uni] ; P. Chen [Royaume-Uni] ; M. Evans [Royaume-Uni] ; A. J. Parsons [Royaume-Uni] ; G. A. Aitchison [Royaume-Uni] ; C. Efeoglu [Royaume-Uni] ; J. L. Burke [Royaume-Uni] ; A. Vikram [Royaume-Uni] ; S. E. Fisher [Royaume-Uni] ; C. D. Rudd [Royaume-Uni]Repair of calvarial defects in rats by prefabricated, degradable, long fibre composite implants
001087 (2010) Matjaž Kunaver [Slovénie] ; Edita Jasiukaityte [Slovénie] ; Nataša Uk [Slovénie] ; James T. Guthrie [Royaume-Uni]Liquefaction of wood, synthesis and characterization of liquefied wood polyester derivatives
001460 (2009) H. Montes De Oca [Royaume-Uni] ; I. M. Ward [Royaume-Uni] ; R. A. Chivers [Royaume-Uni] ; D. F. Farrar [Royaume-Uni]Structure development during crystallization and solid‐state processing of poly(glycolic acid)
002272 (2006) Cameron Alexander [Royaume-Uni] ; H Kan S. Andersson [Suède] ; Lars I. Andersson [Suède] ; Richard J. Ansell [Royaume-Uni] ; Nicole Kirsch [Suède] ; Ian A. Nicholls [Suède, Royaume-Uni] ; John O'Mahony [Suède] ; Michael J. Whitcombe [Royaume-Uni]Molecular imprinting science and technology: a survey of the literature for the years up to and including 2003
002B17 (2005) P. Hine [Royaume-Uni] ; R. A. Duckett [Royaume-Uni] ; P. Caton-Rose [Royaume-Uni] ; P. D. Coates [Royaume-Uni] ; P. Jittman [Royaume-Uni] ; C. Chapman [Royaume-Uni] ; G. Smith [Royaume-Uni]Fibre orientation : measurement, modelling and knowledge based design
002E85 (2004) Peter J. Hine [Royaume-Uni] ; Hans Rudolf Lusti [Suisse] ; Andrei A. Gusev [Suisse]On the possibility of reduced variable predictions for the thermoelastic properties of short fibre composites
003369 (2002) A. P. Unwin [Royaume-Uni] ; R. A. Duckett [Royaume-Uni] ; I. M. Ward [Royaume-Uni] ; T. L. D. Collins [Royaume-Uni] ; J. Sweeney [Royaume-Uni] ; P. D. Coates [Royaume-Uni]Suppression of necking in polyethylene
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003972 (2001) M. Al-Hussein [Royaume-Uni] ; G. R Davies [Royaume-Uni] ; I. M Ward [Royaume-Uni]Preparation of ultra-high modulus materials from metallocene based linear polyethylenes
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006017 (1993) I. Karacan [Royaume-Uni] ; A. K. Taraiya [Royaume-Uni] ; D. I. Bower [Royaume-Uni] ; I. M. Ward [Royaume-Uni]Characterization of orientation of one-way and two-way drawn isotactic polypropylene films
006A49 (1989) J. K. Donnelly [Royaume-Uni] ; K. M. Mclellan [Royaume-Uni] ; J. L. Walker [Royaume-Uni] ; D. S. Robinson [Royaume-Uni]Superoxide dismutases in foods. A review

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