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List of bibliographic references indexed by Université de Kyoto

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 37.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000439 (2013) Toshiki Sasayama [Japon] ; Tomonaga Okabe [Japon] ; Yoshiteru Aoyagi [Japon] ; Masaaki Nishikawa [Japon]Prediction of failure properties of injection-molded short glass fiber-reinforced polyamide 6,6
000916 (2012) Takeshi Ishikawa [Japon] ; Kentaro Taki [Japon] ; Masahiro Ohshima [Japon]Visual Observation and Numerical Studies of N2 vs. CO2 Foaming Behavior in Core-Back Foam Injection Molding
000A11 (2012) Yuichi Masubuchi [Japon] ; Takashi Uneyama [Japon] ; Keiichi Saito [Japon]A Multiscale Simulation of Polymer Processing Using Parameter-Based Bridging in Melt Rheology
000D61 (2011) Takeshi Ishikawa [Japon] ; Masahiro Ohshima [Japon]Visual Observation and Numerical Studies of Polymer Foaming Behavior of Polypropylene/Carbon Dioxide System in a Core-back Injection Molding Process
000F24 (2010) Yoshikazu Hirai [Japon] ; Koji Sugano [Japon] ; Toshiyuki Tsuchiya [Japon] ; Osamu Tabata [Japon]A three-dimensional microstructuring technique exploiting the positive photoresist property
001298 (2010) N. Chomsaeng [Thaïlande] ; M. Haruta [Japon] ; T. Chairuangsri [Thaïlande] ; H. Kurata [Japon] ; S. Isoda [Japon] ; M. Shiojiri [Japon]HRTEM and ADF-STEM of precipitates at peak-ageing in cast A356 aluminium alloy
001367 (2009) Reza Rizvi [Canada] ; Jae-Kyung Kim [Japon] ; Hani Naguib [Canada]Synthesis and characterization of novel low density polyethylenemultiwall carbonnanotube porous composites
001810 (2009) Nam Cao Hoai Le [Irlande (pays)] ; DZUNG VIET DAO [Japon] ; Ryuji Yokokawa [Japon] ; John C. Wells [Japon] ; Susumu Sugiyama [Japon]A Monolithic Dual-Color Total-Internal-Reflection-Based Chip for Highly Sensitive and High-Resolution Dual-Fluorescence Imaging
001A89 (2008) Yoshie Fujimori [Japon] ; Yasuo Gotoh [Japon] ; Akio Kawaguchi [Japon] ; Yutaka Ohkoshi [Japon] ; Masanobu Nagura [Japon]Conductivity and structure of a polyamide/silver iodide nanocomposite
001C65 (2007) Isabel B. Leonor [Portugal, Japon] ; Hyun-Min Kim [Corée du Sud] ; Francisco Balas [Japon] ; Masakazu Kawashita [Japon] ; Rui L. Reis [Portugal] ; Tadashi Kokubo [Japon] ; Takashi Nakamura [Japon]Surface potential change in bioactive polymer during the process of biomimetic apatite formation in a simulated body fluid
001C73 (2007) Yoshikazu Hirai [Japon] ; Yoshiteru Inamoto [Japon] ; Koji Sugano [Japon] ; Toshiyuki Tsuchiya [Japon] ; Osamu Tabata [Japon]Moving mask UV lithography for three-dimensional structuring
001F64 (2007) I. B. Leonor [Portugal, Japon] ; H. Kim [Corée du Sud] ; F. Balas [Japon] ; M. Kawashita [Japon] ; R. L. Reis [Portugal] ; T. Kokubo [Japon] ; T. Nakamura [Japon]Alkaline treatments to render starch‐based biodegradable polymers self‐mineralizable
002558 (2005) F. Dang [Japon] ; S. Shinohara [Japon] ; O. Tabata [Japon] ; Y. Yamaoka [Japon] ; M. Kurokawa [Japon] ; Y. Shinohara [Japon] ; M. Ishikawa [Japon] ; Y. Baba [Japon]Replica multichannel polymer chips with a network of sacrificial channels sealed by adhesive printing method
002582 (2005) Naoki Matsuzuka [Japon] ; Yoshikazu Hirai [Japon] ; Osamu Tabata [Japon]A novel fabrication process of 3D microstructures by double exposure in deep x-ray lithography (D2XRL)
003056 (2003) Nobuyuki Shibata [Japon] ; Naohide Tomita [Japon] ; Ken Ikeuchi [Japon]Numerical simulations on fatigue destruction of ultra‐high molecular weight polyethylene using discrete element analyses
003064 (2003) Elinor L. Bedia [Philippines] ; Marissa A. Paglicawan [Philippines] ; Cynthia V. Bernas [Philippines] ; Severino T. Bernardo [Philippines] ; Masatoshi Tosaka [Japon] ; Shinzo Kohjiya [Japon]Natural weathering of polypropylene in a tropical zone
003138 (2003) Nobuyuki Shibata [Japon] ; Naohide Tomita [Japon] ; Naoki Onmori [Japon] ; Koji Kato [Japon] ; Ken Ikeuchi [Japon]Defect initiation at subsurface grain boundary as a precursor of delamination in ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene
003154 (2003) J. A. Juhasz [Royaume-Uni] ; S. M. Best [Royaume-Uni] ; M. Kawashita [Japon] ; N. Miyata [Japon] ; T. Kokubo [Japon] ; T. Nakamura [Japon] ; W. Bonfield [Royaume-Uni]Bonding strength of the apatite layer formed on glass‐ceramic apatite‐wollastonite–polyethylene composites
003393 (2002) Daisuke Sawai [Japon] ; Kazuyo Takahashi [Japon] ; Toshiyuki Imamura [Japon] ; Koh Nakamura [Japon] ; Tetsuo Kanamoto [Japon] ; Suong-Hyu Hyon [Japon]Preparation of oriented β‐form poly(L‐lactic acid) by solid‐state extrusion
003A83 (2001) Makoto Ohta [Japon] ; Suong-Hyu Hyon [Japon] ; Yu-Bong Kang [Japon] ; Syozo Murakami [Japon] ; Shinzo Kohjiya [Japon] ; Masanori Oka [Japon] ; Sadami Tsutsumi [Japon]Effect of the compression ratio on wear properties of slightly cross-linked ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, crystallized under uniaxial compression
004023 (2000) Hiroyuki Matsumura [États-Unis] ; Junji Sugiyama [Japon] ; Wolfgang G. Glasser [États-Unis]Cellulosic nanocomposites. I. Thermally deformable cellulose hexanoates from heterogeneous reaction

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