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List of bibliographic references

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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000005 (2014) Amal Nadri [France] ; Yves Duterrail-Couvat [France] ; Thierry Duffar [France]Two-dimensional numerical modeling of grain structure in multi-crystalline silicon ingot
000010 (2013-12-10) Belgacem Mamen [France]Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of thermal debinding and sintering processes in powder injection moulding.
000019 (2013) Yun-Mei Luo [France] ; Luc Chevalier [France] ; Françoise Utheza [France] ; Eric Monteiro [France]Numerical simulation of the thermodependant viscohyperelastic behavior of polyethylene terephthalate near the glass transition temperature: Prediction of the self‐heating during biaxial tension test
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000084 (2011) RABIE EL OTMANI [France] ; Matthieu Zinet [France] ; M'Hamed Boutaous [France] ; Hamda Benhadid [France]Numerical Simulation and Thermal Analysis of the Filling Stage in the Injection Molding Process: Role of the Mold-Polymer Interface
000092 (2011) Laurence Ville [France] ; Luisa Silva [France] ; Thierry Coupez [France]Convected level set method for the numerical simulation of fluid buckling
000119 (2010) J. Song [France, République populaire de Chine] ; T. Barriere [France] ; B. Liu [République populaire de Chine] ; J. C. Gelin [France] ; G. Michel [France]Experimental and numerical analysis on sintering behaviours of injection moulded components in 316L stainless steel powder
000123 (2009-07-06) Maxime Bordival [France]Numerical modelling and optimisation of the infrared heating step for the stretch-blow-moulding or PET bottles
000146 (2009) F. Erchiqui [Canada] ; M. Souli [France]Numerical Investigation of the Gas Flow Temperature on the Thermoforming and Blow-Molding Processes
000170 (2008) Dominique Lochegnies [France]Numerical cloning of the glass forming process for micron precision optics
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000232 (2005) Guy Courbebaisse [France]Numerical simulation of injection moulding process and the pre-modelling concept
000276 (2003) Joël Breard [France] ; Abdelghani Saouab [France] ; Guy Bouquet [France]Numerical simulation of void formation in LCM

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