Tower of Babel

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According to the biblical account, the Tower of Babel was built by generations following the Great Flood "with its top in the heavens". God came down to see what they did and said: "They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withholden from them which they purpose to do." So God said, "Come, let us go down and confound their speech." And so God scattered them upon the face of the Earth, and confused their languages, and they left off building the city, which was called Babel "because God there confounded the language of all the Earth."(Genesis 11:5-8).[2]

The Tower of Babel in Research context

The word Babel is used in some research projects to illustrate the difficulty of féderating research activities at a World Wide level:

  • E-BABEL Interactive Molecular Structure Formats Interconversion Program,
  • Babel A Molecular Structure Information Interchange Hub
  • Open Babel The Open Source Chemistry Toolbox

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