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SUITMA 2011 Marrakech

The Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech

The SUITMA 2011 symposium is organized in Marrakech, Morocco (from October 3th to 7th).

SUITMA workgroup

The symposia

SUITMA symposia' data is processed through semantic technologies in order to exploit and value authors and papers issued during the symposia.
The SUITMA serie :

2013 : SUITMA 2013 will take place in Torun (Poland)

The SUITMA symposia at the World Congresses of Soil Science :

  • Brisbane 2010 : Pedogenesis and functioning of soils in urban and industrial areas

SUITMA workgroups


The wiki Wicri/Urban Soils (en)

This wiki is dedicated to the urban soils community.

It is part of the Wicri Environmental sciences and engineering project (in French), driven in cooperation with the Sciences et génie de l'environnement (SGE) research pole.

WRB: an experiment

An experiment is currently being made about the World Reference Base for soil resources, using semantic technologies :

Past events

  • On October 13, 2011, a day devoted to the presentation of the process OXYSOL, which results from a program of the Anr PRECODD, and for treating contaminated soil by chemical oxidation and the refonctionnaliser will be held in ENSIC, rue Grandville Nancy. This seminar is open to scientists, operators, communities and administration.
The poster of the symposium

Setting up the wiki