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List of bibliographic references indexed by 1663-4365

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 5.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000021 (2015) Marina V. ZuevaFractality of sensations and the brain health: the theory linking neurodegenerative disorder with distortion of spatial and temporal scale-invariance and fractal complexity of the visible world
000084 (2013) Sandra Baez [Argentine, Chili] ; Blas Couto [Argentine] ; Eduar Herrera [Colombie] ; Yamile Bocanegra [Colombie] ; Natalia Trujillo-Orrego [Colombie] ; Lucia Madrigal-Zapata [Colombie] ; Juan Felipe Cardona [Argentine] ; Facundo Manes [Argentine, Chili, Australie] ; Agustin Ibanez [Argentine, Chili] ; Andres Villegas [Colombie]Tracking the Cognitive, Social, and Neuroanatomical Profile in Early Neurodegeneration: Type III Cockayne Syndrome
000089 (2013) Jan-Christoph Kattenstroth [Allemagne] ; Tobias Kalisch [Allemagne] ; Stephan Holt [Allemagne] ; Martin Tegenthoff [Allemagne] ; Hubert R. Dinse [Allemagne]Six months of dance intervention enhances postural, sensorimotor, and cognitive performance in elderly without affecting cardio-respiratory functions
000204 (2011) Lisa Heiberger [Allemagne] ; Christoph Maurer [Allemagne] ; Florian Amtage [Allemagne] ; Ignacio Mendez-Balbuena [Allemagne] ; Jürgen Schulte-Mönting [Allemagne] ; Marie-Claude Hepp-Reymond [Suisse] ; Rumyana Kristeva [Allemagne]Impact of a Weekly Dance Class on the Functional Mobility and on the Quality of Life of Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease
000238 (2010) Jan-Christoph Kattenstroth [Allemagne] ; Izabella Kolankowska [Allemagne] ; Tobias Kalisch [Allemagne] ; Hubert R. Dinse [Allemagne]Superior Sensory, Motor, and Cognitive Performance in Elderly Individuals with Multi-Year Dancing Activities

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