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List of bibliographic references indexed by effect

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 7.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000050 (2011) Kathrin Lange [Allemagne]The reduced N1 to self‐generated tones: An effect of temporal predictability?
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001554 (1985) John C. Stanley [Royaume-Uni] ; Mark Salter [Royaume-Uni] ; Michael J. Fisher [Royaume-Uni] ; Christopher I. Pogson [Royaume-Uni]The effect of pyridoxine deficiency on the metabolism of the aromatic amino acids by isolated rat liver cells
001837 (1978) H. I. Russock [États-Unis] ; M. W. Schein [États-Unis]Effect of socialization on adult social preferences in Tilapia mossambica (Sarotherodon mossambicus); Pisces: Cichlidae
002454 (????) N. Skordis ; P. C. Patsalis ; I. Bacopoulou ; C. Sismani ; C. Sultan ; S. Lumbroso5α-Reductase 2 Gene Mutations in Three Unrelated Patients of Greek Cypriot Origin: Identification of an Ancestral Founder Effect

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