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List of bibliographic references indexed by cells

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 11.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000047 (2011) Feng Hing Tsai [Taïwan] ; Lin I Tai [Taïwan] ; Yu Ing Wang [Taïwan] ; Jian Ong Xiao [Taïwan] ; Tsi Suan Hsu [Taïwan] ; Chung Hi Yang [Taïwan] ; Chau Wang Lee [Taïwan]Three‐dimensional tracking and temporal analysis of liposomal transport in live cells using bright‐field imaging
000718 (2006) Elena Ivanova [Allemagne] ; Ulrike Müller [Allemagne] ; Heinz W Ssle [Allemagne]Characterization of the glycinergic input to bipolar cells of the mouse retina
000850 (2004) Stelios Psarras [France, Grèce] ; Niki Karagianni [France] ; Christoph Kellendonk [Allemagne] ; François Tronche [Allemagne] ; François Oic Cosset [France] ; Carol Stocking [Allemagne] ; Volker Schirrmacher [Allemagne] ; Harald Von Boehmer [France, États-Unis] ; Khashayarsha Khazaie [France, États-Unis]Gene transfer and genetic modification of embryonic stem cells by Cre‐ and Cre‐PR‐expressing MESV‐based retroviral vectors
000A14 (2001) Marián Kukan [Canada] ; Pierre S. Haddad [Canada]Role of hepatocytes and bile duct cells in preservation-reperfusion injury of liver grafts
000A17 (2001) Karim Nayernia [Allemagne] ; Detlef Böhm [Allemagne] ; Özlem Topaloglu [Allemagne] ; Gregor Schlüter [Allemagne] ; Wolfgang Engel [Allemagne]Rat transition nuclear protein 2 regulatory region directs haploid expression of reporter gene in male germ cells of transgenic mice
000B35 (2000) Wolfgang Hampe [Allemagne] ; Ralf-Holger Voss [Allemagne] ; Winfried Haase [Allemagne] ; Fritz Boege [Allemagne] ; Hartmut Michel [Allemagne] ; Helmut Reil Nder [Allemagne]Engineering of a proteolytically stable human β2-adrenergic receptor/maltose-binding protein fusion and production of the chimeric protein in Escherichia coli and baculovirus-infected insect cells
000C23 (1999) André A. F. L. Van Puijenbroek [Pays-Bas] ; Paul T. Van Der Saag [Pays-Bas] ; Paul J. Coffer [Pays-Bas]Cytokine Signal Transduction in P19 Embryonal Carcinoma Cells: Regulation of Stat3-Mediated Transactivation Occurs Independently of p21ras-Erk Signaling
000D50 (1997) Carina Danielsson [Suisse] ; Ida S. Mathiasen [Danemark] ; Sharon Y. James [Royaume-Uni] ; Sepideh Nayeri [Suisse] ; Claus Bretting [Danemark] ; Christina M Rk Hansen [Danemark] ; Kay W. Colston [Royaume-Uni] ; Carsten Carlberg [Suisse, Allemagne]Sensitive induction of apoptosis in breast cancer cells by a novel 1,25‐dihydroxyvitamin D3 analogue shows relation to promoter selectivity
000E46 (1996) T. Knittel [Allemagne] ; P. Fellmer [Allemagne] ; G. Ramadori [Allemagne]Gene expression and regulation of plasminogen activator inhibitor type I in hepatic stellate cells of rat liver
001554 (1985) John C. Stanley [Royaume-Uni] ; Mark Salter [Royaume-Uni] ; Michael J. Fisher [Royaume-Uni] ; Christopher I. Pogson [Royaume-Uni]The effect of pyridoxine deficiency on the metabolism of the aromatic amino acids by isolated rat liver cells
001678 (1982) L. Ireland [Canada] ; J. Szyszko [Canada] ; M. Krause [Canada]Small nuclear RNAs from Drosophila KC-H cells; characterization and comparison with mammalian RNAs

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