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List of bibliographic references indexed by 1758-437X

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 120.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000088 (2010-12-20) Index to Bibliography
000162 (2009) VI. Zionism and Israel
000163 (2009) V. Judaism
000164 (2009) Martina UrbanTowards what Kind of Unity? David Koigen, Leo Baeck and the Monism-Theism-Debate
000166 (2009) Research and Bibliography
000169 (2009) Philipp J. NielsenIve never regretted being a German Jew: Siegmund Weltlinger and the Re-establishment of the Jewish Community in Berlin
000170 (2009) IV. Post-1945
000171 (2009) Verena DohrnDiplomacy in the Diaspora: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency in Berlin (19221933)
000550 (2007) Manfred Jehle“Relocations” in South Prussia and New East Prussia: Prussia's Demographic Policy towards the Jews in Occupied Poland 1772–1806
000561 (2007) I. History
000562 (2007) General Index to Year Book LII of the Leo Baeck Institute
000650 (2006) Jon Gunnar M Lstre SimonsenPerfect Targets—Antisemitism and Eastern Jews in Leipzig, 1919–1923
000656 (2006) General Index to Year Book LI of the Leo Baeck Institute
000731 (2005) I. History
000732 (2005) Jonathan Wright ; Peter PulzerGustav Stresemann and the Verband Nationaldeutscher Juden: Right-Wing Jews in Weimar Politics
000734 (2005) General Index to Year Book L of the Leo Baeck Institute
000915 (2002) VIII. Autobiographies, Memoirs, Letters
000920 (2002) III. The Nazi Period
000921 (2002) General Index to Year Book XLVII of the Leo Baeck Institute
000980 (2001) Eda SagarraGrillparzer, the Catholics and the Jews: A Reading of Die Jüdin von Toledo (1851)
000A76 (2000) I. History

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