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List of bibliographic references indexed by 0319-485X

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 110.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
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000211 (2009) John T. SlotemakerTrinitarian Theology in the Medieval West – Edited by Pekka Kärkkäinen
000214 (2009) Jeffrey C. WittTo Know God and the Soul: Essays on the Thought of Saint Augustine – By Roland J. Teske
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000224 (2009) Yudha ThiantoThe Theology of John Calvin – By Charles Partee
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000232 (2009) Owen M. PhelanThe Proprietary Church in the Medieval West – By Susan Wood
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000235 (2009) Michael HeintzThe Monk and the Book: Jerome and the Making of Christian Scholarship – By Megan Hale Williams
000236 (2009) Dennis P. QuinnThe Mid‐Third‐Century Persecutions of Decius and Valerian – By Reinhard Selinger
000237 (2009) Owen M. PhelanThe Medieval World of Isidore of Seville: Truth from Words – By John Henderson
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000241 (2009) David M. WhitfordThe Genius of Luther's Theology: A Wittenberg Way of Thinking for the Contemporary Church – By Robert Kolb and Charles P. Arand

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