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List of bibliographic references indexed by Oxford

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 8.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000493 (2008) Anthony Cummins [Royaume-Uni]The First Generation Reception of the Novels of Emile Zola in Britain and America: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Responses to his Work, 18771902
000928 (2002) Katherine Ebisch Urton [Royaume-Uni]‘Wie über alles Gedachte und zu Erdenkende lieb ich Dich’: Kleist's and Henriette Vogel's Todeslitanei as Poetic Figuration of the Beloved – A Reassessment of Kleist's Feminine Credentials
000935 (2002) Suzanne Romaine [Royaume-Uni]Signs of Identity, Signs of Discord: Glottal Goofs and the Green Grocer's Glottal in Debates on Hawaiian Orthography
000A57 (2001) Warr [Royaume-Uni] ; Anthony Miles [Royaume-Uni] ; Conall Platts [Royaume-Uni]Age and personality in the British population between 16 and 64 years
000B56 (1999-07) Frank Lorenz Müller [Royaume-Uni]Imperialist Ambitions in Vormärz and Revolutionary Germany: the Agitation for German Settlement Colonies Overseas, 1840–1849
001504 (1986) K. Manning [Royaume-Uni]Texts as organizational echoes
001A60 (1972) P. Z. [Pays-Bas] ; C. Minis [Pays-Bas] ; J. Fry [Pays-Bas] ; M. Seuren [Royaume-Uni] ; Roberto Crespo [Pays-Bas] ; P. Orbán [Pays-Bas] ; N. Teensma [Pays-Bas] ; A. Van Der Lee ; August Closs [Royaume-Uni] ; A. GalamaComptes rendus
002343 (1913) C. S. Jerram [Royaume-Uni]CROMARTY

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