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List of bibliographic references indexed by Grand Manchester

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 7.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000152 (2010) Bas Teusink [Pays-Bas] ; Hans V. Westerhoff [Pays-Bas, Royaume-Uni] ; Frank J. Bruggeman [Pays-Bas]Comparative systems biology: from bacteria to man
000548 (2008) Nick Crossley [Royaume-Uni](Net)Working out: social capital in a private health club
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001375 (1988) Barry Smith [États-Unis]Chronicle
001554 (1985) John C. Stanley [Royaume-Uni] ; Mark Salter [Royaume-Uni] ; Michael J. Fisher [Royaume-Uni] ; Christopher I. Pogson [Royaume-Uni]The effect of pyridoxine deficiency on the metabolism of the aromatic amino acids by isolated rat liver cells
001783 (1979) R S Furness [Royaume-Uni]LUDWIG DERLETH AND “DIE PROKLAMATIONEN”

List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
1Andrew R. Timming
1Barry Smith
1Bas Teusink
1C. Wilhelm
1Christopher I. Pogson
1D. Boehm
1F. Silan
1Frank J. Bruggeman
1H. Mühlendyck
1Hans V. Westerhoff
1J. Clayton-Smith
1J. Kohlhase
1John C. Stanley
1K. Becker
1M. Leipoldt
1Mark Salter
1Michael J. Fisher
1Nick Crossley
1R S Furness
1R. Winter
1W. Borozdin
1W. Reardon
1Ö Giray

List of associated AffOrg.i

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5Université de Manchester

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