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List of bibliographic references indexed by Bade-Wurtemberg

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 39.
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List of associated Author.i

Nombre de
2A. H. Wapstra
2Annegret Stubbe
2Arnd Schreiber
2B. Pfeiffer
2Carsten Elke
2F. G. Kondev
2G. Audi
2Klaus Ieter Spindler
2M. Maccormick
2M. Wang
2Margarethe Spindler Arth
2Michael Stubbe
2Peter Rauch
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1-H. Wiesmüller
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1A. Caley
1A. Ding
1A. Ehrbrecht
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1A. Koch
1A. Mincheva
1Albert Bianchi
1Anna Baumert
1Anton Hartmann
1B. Actor
1B. Radlwimmer
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1B. Tönshoff
1Benjamin Willy
1Bernadette Holdener-Kenny
1Bernd Rösler
1Bernd Stocker
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1Heinrich Schrewe
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1Heinrich Wieland
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List of associated AffOrg.i

Nombre de
3Université d'Ulm
2Université Paris-Sud
1Université Louis-et-Maximilien de Munich
1Université d'Édimbourg
1Université de Cambridge
1Université de Constance
1Université de Hohenheim
1Université de Toronto

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