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List of bibliographic references indexed by Düsseldorf

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 16.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000050 (2011) Kathrin Lange [Allemagne]The reduced N1 to self‐generated tones: An effect of temporal predictability?
000074 (2011) Andreas Stavropoulos [Danemark, Grèce] ; Jürgen Becker [Allemagne] ; Björn Capsius [Allemagne] ; Yahya Açil [Allemagne] ; Wilfried Wagner [Allemagne] ; Hendrik Terheyden [Allemagne]Histological evaluation of maxillary sinus floor augmentation with recombinant human growth and differentiation factor‐5‐coated β‐tricalcium phosphate: results of a multicenter randomized clinical trial
000379 (2009) Frank Schwarz [Allemagne] ; Daniel Ferrari [Allemagne] ; Martin Sager [Allemagne] ; Monika Herten [Allemagne] ; Brigitte Hartig [Allemagne] ; Jürgen Becker [Allemagne]Guided bone regeneration using rhGDF‐5‐ and rhBMP‐2‐coated natural bone mineral in rat calvarial defects
000381 (2009) Bettina A. Buhren [Allemagne] ; Marcia Gasis [Allemagne] ; Bernard Thorens [Suisse] ; Hans Werner Müller [Allemagne] ; Frank Bosse [Allemagne]Glucose‐dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and its receptor (GIPR): Cellular localization, lesion‐affected expression, and impaired regenerative axonal growth
000524 (2008) Frank Schwarz [Allemagne] ; Daniel Rothamel [Allemagne] ; Monika Herten [Allemagne] ; Daniel Ferrari [Allemagne] ; Martin Sager [Allemagne] ; Jürgen Becker [Allemagne]Lateral ridge augmentation using particulated or block bone substitutes biocoated with rhGDF‐5 and rhBMP‐2: an immunohistochemical study in dogs
000784 (2005) Andreas Deussen [Allemagne] ; Annette Pexa [Allemagne] ; Robert Loncar [Allemagne] ; Sebastian N. Stehr [Allemagne]Effects of homocysteine on vascular and tissue adenosine: a stake in homocysteine pathogenicity?
000A41 (2001) Wolfgang Rathmann [Allemagne]Data safety and drug safety in Germany: a closing gap?
000A42 (2001) Carsten Elke [Allemagne] ; Peter Rauch [Allemagne] ; Margarethe Spindler Arth [Allemagne] ; Klaus Ieter Spindler [Allemagne]DNA‐binding properties of the ecdysteroid receptor‐complex (EcR/USP) of the epithelial cell line from Chironomus tentans
000B03 (2000) Volker Mostert [Allemagne]Selenoprotein P: Properties, Functions, and Regulation
000C20 (1999) Jürgen Hany [Allemagne] ; Hellmuth Lilienthal [Allemagne] ; Alexander Sarasin [Suisse] ; Astrid Roth-H Rer [Allemagne] ; Annemarie Fastabend [Allemagne] ; Lothar Dunemann [Allemagne] ; Walter Lichtensteiger [Suisse] ; Gerhard Winneke [Allemagne]Developmental Exposure of Rats to a Reconstituted PCB Mixture or Aroclor 1254: Effects on Organ Weights, Aromatase Activity, Sex Hormone Levels, and Sweet Preference Behavior
000C21 (1999) Carsten Elke [Allemagne] ; Peter Rauch [Allemagne] ; Margarethe Spindler Arth [Allemagne] ; Klaus Ieter Spindler [Allemagne]DNA‐binding properties of the ecdysteroid receptor‐complex (EcR/USP) of the epithelial cell line from Chironomus tentans
000C92 (1998) Michelle Nessling [Allemagne] ; Sabina Solinas Oldo [Allemagne] ; Klaus K. Wilgenbus [Autriche] ; Franz Borchard [Allemagne] ; Peter Lichter [Allemagne]Mapping of chromosomal imbalances in gastric adenocarcinoma revealed amplified protooncogenes MYCN, MET, WNT2, and ERBB2
000D65 (1997) Jürgen K. Mai [Allemagne] ; Sabine Lensing Hn [Allemagne] ; André A. Ende [Allemagne] ; Michael V. Sofroniew [Royaume-Uni]Developmental organization of neurophysin neurons in the human brain
000D78 (1997) Patsie Polly [Australie, Allemagne] ; Carsten Carlberg [Allemagne] ; John A. Eisman [Australie] ; Nigel A. Morrison [Australie]1α,25‐Dihydroxyvitamin D3 receptor as a mediator of transrepression of retinoid signaling
001174 (1991) Wolfgang Steinke [Allemagne] ; Michael Hennerici [Allemagne] ; Christof Kloetzsch [Allemagne] ; Wilhelm Sandmann [Allemagne]Doppler colour flow imaging after carotid endarterectomy
001206 (1990) Karsten Schenk [Allemagne] ; Martin A. Lobeck [Allemagne]Patent law, legislation and court ruling on the PC: The German online database system juris in comparison with the specialized files DPAT and EBER

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