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List of bibliographic references indexed by 40225 Düsseldorf

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 9.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000716 (2006) A. Ehrbrecht [Allemagne] ; U. Müller [Allemagne] ; M. Wolter [Allemagne] ; A. Hoischen [Allemagne] ; A. Koch [Allemagne] ; B. Radlwimmer [Allemagne] ; B. Actor [Allemagne] ; A. Mincheva [Allemagne] ; T. Pietsch [Allemagne] ; P. Lichter [Allemagne] ; G. Reifenberger [Allemagne] ; Rg Weber [Allemagne]Comprehensive genomic analysis of desmoplastic medulloblastomas: identification of novel amplified genes and separate evaluation of the different histological components
000976 (2001) N. B. Weber [Allemagne] ; C. Bethke [Allemagne] ; F. U. Hillebrecht [Allemagne]Imaging of antiferromagnetic domains at the NiO(100) surface by linear dichroism in near UV photoemission microscopy
000A20 (2001) Joachim Walter Schultze [Allemagne] ; Arnd Bressel [Allemagne]Principles of electrochemical micro- and nano-system technologies
000A65 (2000) F. U Hillebrecht [Allemagne] ; T. Kinoshita [Allemagne] ; Ch Roth [Allemagne] ; H. B Rose [Allemagne] ; E. Kisker [Allemagne]Spin-resolved Fe and Co 3s photoemission
000A74 (2000) K. Stockklauser-F Rber [Allemagne] ; Th. Ballhausen [Allemagne] ; A. Laufer [Allemagne] ; P. Rösen [Allemagne]Influence of diabetes on cardiac nitric oxide synthase expression and activity
000B78 (1999) Petra Imhof [Allemagne] ; Wolfgang Roth [Allemagne] ; Christoph Janzen [Allemagne] ; Daniel Spangenberg [Allemagne] ; Karl Kleinermanns [Allemagne]Hydrogen-bonded phenol–acid clusters studied by vibrational resolved laser spectroscopy and ab initio calculations
000B91 (1999) Wibke Sudholt [Allemagne] ; Andrzej L. Sobolewski [Pologne] ; Wolfgang Domcke [Allemagne]Ab initio study of the amino group twisting and wagging reaction paths in the intramolecular charge transfer of 4-(N,N-dimethylamino)benzonitrile
000C63 (1998) W. Roth [Allemagne] ; M. Schmitt [Allemagne] ; Ch Jacoby [Allemagne] ; D. Spangenberg [Allemagne] ; Ch Janzen [Allemagne] ; K. Kleinermanns [Allemagne]Double resonance spectroscopy of phenol(H2O)1–12: evidence for ice-like structures in aromate–water clusters?
000D32 (1997) F. U Hillebrecht [Allemagne] ; D. Spanke [Allemagne] ; J. Dresselhaus [Allemagne] ; V. Solinus [Allemagne]Imaging of magnetic domains by photoemission microscopy

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