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Le cluster related - specializations




22related - specializations
22parasitoid - specializations
22parasitoid - related
22mouthpart - specializations
22mouthpart - related
22mouthpart - parasitoid
22functional - specializations
22functional - related
22functional - parasitoid
22functional - mouthpart
22flies - specializations
22flies - related
22flies - parasitoid
22flies - mouthpart
22flies - functional
22feeding - specializations
22feeding - related
22feeding - parasitoid
22feeding - mouthpart
22feeding - functional
22feeding - flies
22evolutionary - specializations
22evolutionary - related
22evolutionary - parasitoid
22evolutionary - mouthpart
22evolutionary - functional
22evolutionary - flies
22evolutionary - feeding

Documents par ordre de pertinence
000C95 (1998) Francis Gilbert ; Mark JervisFunctional, evolutionary and ecological aspects of feeding‐related mouthpart specializations in parasitoid flies
000C96 (1998) Francis Gilbert ; Mark JervisFunctional, evolutionary and ecological aspects of feeding-related mouthpart specializations in parasitoid flies
000319 (2009) A. C. Itambi [Allemagne] ; T. Von Dobeneck [Allemagne] ; S. Mulitza [Allemagne] ; T. Bickert [Allemagne] ; D. Heslop [Allemagne]Millennial‐scale northwest African droughts related to Heinrich events and Dansgaard‐Oeschger cycles: Evidence in marine sediments from offshore Senegal
000748 (2005) J. A. Encarnação [Allemagne] ; U. Kierdorf [Allemagne] ; D. Holweg [Allemagne] ; U. Jasnoch [Allemagne] ; V. Wolters [Allemagne]Sex‐related differences in roost‐site selection by Daubenton's bats Myotis daubentonii during the nursery period
000750 (2005) Jürgen Kohlhase [Allemagne] ; David Chitayat [Canada] ; Dieter Kotzot [Autriche] ; Serdar Ceylaner [Turquie] ; Ursula G. Froster [Allemagne] ; Sigrun Fuchs [Allemagne] ; Tara Montgomery [Royaume-Uni] ; Bernd Rösler [Allemagne]SALL4 mutations in Okihiro syndrome (Duane‐radial ray syndrome), acro‐renal‐ocular syndrome, and related disorders
000948 (2002) Christoph Emmerling [Allemagne] ; Michael Schloter [Allemagne] ; Anton Hartmann [Allemagne] ; Ellen Kandeler [Allemagne]Functional diversity of soil organisms — a review of recent research activities in Germany
000A08 (2001) Martin Fussenegger [Suisse]The Impact of Mammalian Gene Regulation Concepts on Functional Genomic Research, Metabolic Engineering, and Advanced Gene Therapies
000C08 (1999) Charles H. V. Hoyle [Royaume-Uni]Neuropeptide families and their receptors: evolutionary perspectives
000D48 (1997) Tuija Salin [Suède] ; T Nis Timmusk [Suède] ; Urban Lendahl [Suède] ; Madis Metsis [Suède]Structural and Functional Characterization of the Rat Neurotrophin-4 Gene
001251 (1990) Abstracts from the Third Vienna International Workshop on Functional Electrostimulation, Basics, Technology and Clinical Application
001370 (1988) F. Charles Mace ; Mark E. Webb ; Robert W. Sharkey ; Dave M. Mattson ; Howard S. RosenFunctional analysis and treatment of Bizarre speech
001A65 (1972) Constance M. WilliamsOccupational choice of male graduate students as related to values and personality: A test of Holland's theory


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