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List of bibliographic references

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 13.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000035 (2015) Aki J. K R J M Ki ; Olli-Pekka P Tsi ; Markku Savolainen ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Heikki Huikuri ; Olavi UkkolaNon-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease as a Predictor of Atrial Fibrillation in Middle-Aged Population (OPERA Study).
000040 (2015) Meiju Ij L ; Justiina Ronkainen ; Tuija Huusko ; Elina Malo ; Eeva-Riitta Savolainen ; Markku J. Savolainen ; Tuire Salonurmi ; Risto Bloigu ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Olavi UkkolaThe fat mass and obesity-associated (FTO) gene variant rs9939609 predicts long-term incidence of cardiovascular disease and related death independent of the traditional risk factors.
000058 (2015) Juha S. Perkiöm Ki ; Mikko Möttönen ; Jarmo Lumme ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Olavi Ukkola ; Heikki V. HuikuriPredictors of Development of Echocardiographic Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction in the Subjects Aged 40 to 59 Years (from the Oulu Project Elucidating Risk of Atherosclerosis Study).
000169 (2014) Pauliina Pisto ; Merja Santaniemi ; Risto Bloigu ; Olavi Ukkola ; Y Antero Kes NiemiFatty liver predicts the risk for cardiovascular events in middle-aged population: a population-based cohort study.
000173 (2014) Juha Perkiöm Ki ; Olavi Ukkola ; Antti Kiviniemi ; Mikko Tulppo ; Antti Ylitalo ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Heikki HuikuriHeart rate variability findings as a predictor of atrial fibrillation in middle-aged population.
000201 (2014) Meiju Aij L ; Merja Santaniemi ; Risto Bloigu ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Olavi UkkolaLeptin receptor Arg109 homozygotes display decreased total mortality as well as lower incidence of cardiovascular disease and related death.
000305 (2012) Riitta-Liisa Vasunta ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Antti Ylitalo ; Olavi UkkolaNondipping pattern and carotid atherosclerosis in a middle-aged population: OPERA Study.
000315 (2012) Juha Pekka R Is Nen ; Marja-Leena Silaste ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Olavi UkkolaIncreased daily sodium intake is an independent dietary indicator of the metabolic syndrome in middle-aged subjects.
000344 (2010) Meiju Saukko ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Olavi UkkolaLeptin receptor Lys109Arg and Gln223Arg polymorphisms are associated with early atherosclerosis.
000412 (2009) Tiia Kangas-Kontio ; Jari M. Tapanainen ; Heikki Huikuri ; Eeva-Riitta Savolainen ; Markku P Iv Nsalo ; Heikki Kauma ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Markku J. Savolainen ; Sakari KakkoVariation in the vascular endothelial growth factor gene, carotid intima-media thickness and the risk of acute myocardial infarction.
000481 (2006) Johanna Vartiainen ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Olavi UkkolaSequencing analysis of ghrelin gene 5' flanking region: relations between the sequence variants, fasting plasma total ghrelin concentrations, and body mass index.
000561 (2004) Johanna Vartiainen ; Seppo M. Pöykkö ; Tuija R Is Nen ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Olavi UkkolaSequencing analysis of the ghrelin receptor (growth hormone secretagogue receptor type 1a) gene.
000577 (2003) Seppo M. Pöykkö ; Eija Kellokoski ; Sohvi Hörkkö ; Heikki Kauma ; Y Antero Kes Niemi ; Olavi UkkolaLow plasma ghrelin is associated with insulin resistance, hypertension, and the prevalence of type 2 diabetes.

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