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List of bibliographic references

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 8.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000022 (2016) Elvira Brattico [Danemark, Finlande] ; Brigitte Bogert [Finlande] ; Vinoo Alluri [Finlande, Suisse] ; Mari Tervaniemi [Finlande] ; Tuomas Eerola [Royaume-Uni] ; Thomas Jacobsen [Allemagne]It's Sad but I Like It: The Neural Dissociation Between Musical Emotions and Liking in Experts and Laypersons
000048 (2012) Nicolas Schmuziger [Suisse] ; Jochen Patscheke ; Rolf Stieglitz [Suisse] ; Rudolf Probst [Suisse]Is there addiction to loud music? Findings in a group of non-professional pop/rock musicians
000062 (2016) Martin Kirchberger [Suisse] ; Frank A. Russo [Canada]Dynamic Range Across Music Genres and the Perception of Dynamic Compression in Hearing-Impaired Listeners
000B91 (2008) Marieke Voorpostel [Suisse] ; Tanja Van Der Lippe [Pays-Bas] ; Jonathan GershunyTrends in Free Time with a Partner: A Transformation of Intimacy?
000C05 (2012) Lutz J Ncke [Suisse]The Relationship between Music and Language
000E01 (2013) Cyrill G. M. Ott [Suisse] ; Lutz J Ncke [Suisse]Processing of self-initiated speech-sounds is different in musicians
000E10 (2012) Olaf Blanke [Suisse] ; Isabella Pasqualini [Suisse]The Riddle of Style Changes in the Visual Arts after Interference with the Right Brain
000E96 (2014) Ewa A. Miendlarzewska [Suisse] ; Wiebke J. Trost [Suisse]How musical training affects cognitive development: rhythm, reward and other modulating variables

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