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List of bibliographic references

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 5.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
001473 (2008) Renzo Di Felice [Italie] ; Daniela Cazzola [Italie] ; Sandro Cobror [Italie] ; Luis Oriani [Italie]Oxygen permeation in PET bottles with passive and active walls
001C57 (2004) Mario Zilli [Italie] ; Daniele Daffonchio ; Renzo Di Felice ; Marino Giordani ; Attilio ConvertiTreatment of benzene-contaminated airstreams in laboratory-scale biofilters packed with raw and sieved sugarcane bagasse and with peat.
001F37 (2003) Mario Zilli ; Attilio Converti ; Renzo Di FeliceMacrokinetic and quantitative microbial investigation on a bench‐scale biofilter treating styrene‐polluted gaseous streams
002759 (1999) Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Mario Zilli [Italie] ; Saleh Arni [Italie] ; Renzo Di Felice [Italie] ; Marco Del Borghi [Italie]The effects of temperature and viscosity on glucose diffusivity through saccharomyces cerevisiae biofilms
002D61 (1995) Mauro Rovatti [Italie] ; Cristiano Nicolella [Italie] ; Attilio Converti [Italie] ; Riccardo Ghigliazza [Italie] ; Renzo Di Felice [Italie]Phosphorus removal in fluidized bed biological reactor (FBBR)

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