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List of bibliographic references

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 9.
Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000A99 (2011) Alberto Oliveri [Italie] ; Alessandro Stocchino ; Marco StoraceBarriers to transport induced by periodic oscillations in a physical model of the human vitreous chamber.
001364 (2008) Marco Storace [Italie] ; Daniele Linaro ; Enno De LangeThe Hindmarsh-Rose neuron model: bifurcation analysis and piecewise-linear approximations.
001401 (2008) Andrea Anzalone [Italie] ; Federico Bizzarri ; Mauro Parodi ; Marco StoraceA modular supervised algorithm for vessel segmentation in red-free retinal images.
001616 (2007) Daniele Stellardo [Italie] ; Federico Bizzarri ; Marco Storace ; Oscar De FeoOn the complexity of periodic and nonperiodic behaviors of a hysteresis-based electronic oscillator.
001939 (2006) Andrea Anzalone [Italie] ; Federico Bizzarri [Italie] ; Marco Storace [Italie] ; Mauro Parodi [Italie]A cellular non‐linear network for image fusion based on data regularization
001A83 (2005) Marco Storace [Italie] ; Mauro Parodi [Italie]Towards analog implementations of PWL two‐dimensional non‐linear functions
001F65 (2003) Lorenzo Repetto [Italie] ; Marco Storace [Italie] ; Mauro Parodi [Italie]A method for the approximate synthesis of cellular non‐linear networks—Part 2: Circuit reduction
002395 (2001) Federico Bizzarri [Italie] ; Marco Storace [Italie] ; Mauro Parodi [Italie]Cellular non‐linear networks for minimization of functionals. Part 2: Examples
002781 (1999) Marco Storace [Italie] ; Mauro Parodi [Italie] ; Dario Robatto [Italie]A hysteresis‐based chaotic circuit: dynamics and applications

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