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List of bibliographic references

Number of relevant bibliographic references: 148.
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Ident.Authors (with country if any)Title
000010 (2016) Sae Youn Lee [Japon] ; Takuma Yasuda [Japon] ; Hideaki Komiyama [Japon] ; Jiyoung Lee [Japon] ; Chihaya Adachi [Japon]Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Polymers for Efficient Solution-Processed Organic Light-Emitting Diodes.
000011 (2016) Tatsuya Atsumi [Japon] ; Kazuhiko Yamamoto [Japon] ; Tsutomu Takeuchi [Japon] ; Hisashi Yamanaka [Japon] ; Naoki Ishiguro [Japon] ; Yoshiya Tanaka [Japon] ; Katsumi Eguchi [Japon] ; Akira Watanabe [Japon] ; Hideki Origasa [Japon] ; Shinsuke Yasuda [Japon] ; Yuji Yamanishi [Japon] ; Yasuhiko Kita [Japon] ; Tsukasa Matsubara [Japon] ; Masahiro Iwamoto [Japon] ; Toshiharu Shoji [Japon] ; Toshiyuki Okada [Japon] ; Désirée Van Der Heijde [Pays-Bas] ; Nobuyuki Miyasaka [Japon] ; Takao Koike [Japon]The first double-blind, randomised, parallel-group certolizumab pegol study in methotrexate-naive early rheumatoid arthritis patients with poor prognostic factors, C-OPERA, shows inhibition of radiographic progression.
000018 (2016) Ju-Hyung Kim [Japon] ; Jean-Charles Ribierre [Japon] ; Yu Seok Yang [Japon] ; Chihaya Adachi [Japon] ; Maki Kawai [Japon] ; Jaehoon Jung [Japon] ; Takanori Fukushima [Japon] ; Yousoo Kim [Japon]Seamless growth of a supramolecular carpet.
000024 (2016) Ryoichi Ishimatsu [Japon] ; Tomohiko Edura [Japon] ; Chihaya Adachi [Japon] ; Koji Nakano [Japon] ; Toshihiko Imato [Japon]Photophysical Properties and Efficient, Stable, Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence of Donor-Acceptor Molecules Exhibiting Thermal Spin Upconversion.
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000030 (2016) Hajime Nakanotani [Japon] ; Taro Furukawa [Japon] ; Kei Morimoto [Japon] ; Chihaya Adachi [Japon]Long-range coupling of electron-hole pairs in spatially separated organic donor-acceptor layers.
000036 (2016) Sae Youn Lee [Japon] ; Chihaya Adachi [Japon] ; Takuma Yasuda [Japon]High-Efficiency Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence from Phenoxaphosphine and Phenoxathiin Derivatives.
000046 (2016) Chuanjiang Qin [Japon] ; Toshinori Matsushima [Japon] ; Takashi Fujihara [Japon] ; William J. Potscavage [Japon] ; Chihaya Adachi [Japon]Degradation Mechanisms of Solution-Processed Planar Perovskite Solar Cells: Thermally Stimulated Current Measurement for Analysis of Carrier Traps.
000095 (2015) Yumi Sakai [Japon] ; Yuta Sagara ; Hiroko Nomura ; Nozomi Nakamura ; Yoshitake Suzuki ; Hiroshi Miyazaki ; Chihaya AdachiZinc complexes exhibiting highly efficient thermally activated delayed fluorescence and their application to organic light-emitting diodes.
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000119 (2015) Matthew Pelowski [Autriche, Japon]Tears and transformation: feeling like crying as an indicator of insightful or “aesthetic” experience with art
000122 (2015) Patrick E. Savage [Japon] ; Steven Brown [Canada] ; Emi Sakai [Japon] ; Thomas E. Currie [Royaume-Uni]Statistical universals reveal the structures and functions of human music
000141 (2015) Rong Liu [Japon] ; Ryoichi Ishimatsu [Japon] ; Masayuki Yahiro [Japon] ; Chihaya Adachi [Japon] ; Koji Nakano [Japon] ; Toshihiko Imato [Japon]Photometric flow injection determination of phosphate on a PDMS microchip using an optical detection system assembled with an organic light emitting diode and an organic photodiode.
000157 (2015) Qisheng Zhang [Japon] ; Daniel Tsang ; Hirokazu Kuwabara ; Yasuhiro Hatae ; Bo Li ; Takehiro Takahashi ; Sae Youn Lee ; Takuma Yasuda ; Chihaya AdachiNearly 100% internal quantum efficiency in undoped electroluminescent devices employing pure organic emitters.
000178 (2015) Yan-Qiong Zheng [Japon] ; Jing Zhang ; Fang Yang ; Takeshi Komino ; Bin Wei ; Jianhua Zhang ; Zixing Wang ; Wenhong Pu ; Changzhu Yang ; Chihaya AdachiInfluence of deposition substrate temperature on the morphology and molecular orientation of chloroaluminum phthalocyanine films as well the performance of organic photovoltaic cells.
000186 (2015) Shuzo Hirata [Japon] ; Yumi Sakai [Japon] ; Kensuke Masui [Japon] ; Hiroyuki Tanaka [Japon] ; Sae Youn Lee [Japon] ; Hiroko Nomura [Japon] ; Nozomi Nakamura [Japon] ; Mao Yasumatsu [Japon] ; Hajime Nakanotani [Japon] ; Qisheng Zhang [Japon] ; Katsuyuki Shizu [Japon] ; Hiroshi Miyazaki [Japon] ; Chihaya Adachi [Japon]Highly efficient blue electroluminescence based on thermally activated delayed fluorescence.
000187 (2015) Jinfeng Zhang [République populaire de Chine] ; Rui Chen [République populaire de Chine] ; Zelin Zhu [République populaire de Chine] ; Chihaya Adachi [Japon] ; Xiaohong Zhang [République populaire de Chine] ; Chun-Sing Lee [République populaire de Chine]Highly Stable Near-Infrared Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles with a Large Stokes Shift for Noninvasive Long-Term Cellular Imaging.
000188 (2015) Takahiro Higuchi [Japon] ; Hajime Nakanotani ; Chihaya AdachiHigh-efficiency white organic light-emitting diodes based on a blue thermally activated delayed fluorescent emitter combined with green and red fluorescent emitters.
000189 (2015) Masatsugu Taneda [Japon] ; Katsuyuki Shizu ; Hiroyuki Tanaka ; Chihaya AdachiHigh efficiency thermally activated delayed fluorescence based on 1,3,5-tris(4-(diphenylamino)phenyl)-2,4,6-tricyanobenzene.
000190 (2015) Masaki Numata [Japon] ; Takuma Yasuda ; Chihaya AdachiHigh efficiency pure blue thermally activated delayed fluorescence molecules having 10H-phenoxaborin and acridan units.

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