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294no AF
14no FA14
4New York.
4Corresponding author.
3Wright State University
3University of Pennsylvania
3University of Minnesota
3University of Chicago
3Temple University
3Taught at Yale and at the University of Texas in San Antonio.
3Northern Kentucky University
3Minnesota USA
3Michigan USA
3Columbia University
2please see the listing at the beginning of this review portfolio (doi:10.1093/oq/kbq006).
2York University
2West Virginia University
2University of York
2University of Virginia
2University of St Andrews
2University of Southampton
2University of Rome La Sapienza
2University of Reading
2University of Kentucky
2University of Exeter
2Universiteit Utrecht
2Pukyong National University
2Oxford Brookes University
2Medical University of Lublin
2Johns Hopkins University
2Griffith University
2Columbia 65211
2Cardiff University
2Ball State University
2Author to whom any correspondence should be addressed.
22006 recipient of the U. S. Supreme Court Historical Society Griswold Prize.
1∗ Contact person
1” forthcoming in Sociological Forum.
1won an ASCAP Deems Taylor Award.
1without whose birth this study would never have been conceived.
1which will include a glossed list of the prompt notes from 1748.
1which serves as an audio supplement to the book.
1via Caravaggio 3. IT – 74027 San Giorgio Jonico (Ta)
1uthor of Pocohontas: her life and legend (1994)
1to be published by OUP
1their music and performance practices
1the Portsmouth Media Research Group.
1the Office of Manpower Economics and the OECD.
1teaches music history at the university of kentucky
1since 1987. He has written books on Opera before Mozart (1968). Naples and Neapolitan Opera (1972) and is currently working on a thematic catalogue of the works of Giovanni Paisiello.
1she has also published a large number of articles and reviews.
1published by Westview Press.
1private practice.
1particularly interested in the economics of orchestras.
1nown writer on Handelian topics.
1niversität Marburg
1is presently working on a book on Mozart's La Clemenza di Tito for the Cambridge Opera Handbook series
1is forthcoming 1991 (Princeton University Press).
1is about to appear (London: Stainer & Bell)
1is Fellow in Music and University Lecturer in Opera Studies in the University of Oxford
1intergovernmental science policy
1including the articles on the 27 Metastasian opere serie in the New Grove dictionary of opera
1including the Education Committee of the Association of Municipal Corporations and the Sadler's Wells Opera Consultative Committee. Mr. Sylvester is probably best known for his membership on the Crowther Committee appointed to survey secondary education in England.
1including Henry Purcell's Operas: the complete texts
1his most recent publications are a study of Mozarts Ein musikalischer Spass in the context of musical literacy in the 18th century and a sonata for violin and piano. A monograph on Guillaume Du Fay and a new edition of his complete works are forthcoming.
1his book Dramma per musica: Italian opera sena of the eighteenth century was published by Yale University Press in 1997
1hi 231 Japan
1he just completed A Short History of French Opera for Yale University Press.
1entury theatre management and finances
1entury culture.
1co‐edited with Paola Pettenella). Forthcoming this year are the collection French Opera from Meyerbeer to Honegger (co‐edited with Jean‐Christophe Branger) and A Modernist Moment: Picasso's Portrait of Gertrude Stein. He is currently at work on a short history of French opera for Yale University Press.
1andschin Preis fr Musikforschung.
1and two anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments and suggestions on earlier versions of this article.
1and the Latin American Studies Committee.
1and radio as a music critic.
1and published innumerable scholarly articles on satire.
1and nineteenth‐century humor.
1and is the editor of the proceedings of the Rameau symposium heh in Dijon in 1983
1and is currently working with Margaret Laurie on the new PurcellSociety edition of The Indian Queen
1and he combines his academic interests with a performing career as a violinist
1and has written for Dance Chronicle and The Dancing Times.
1and events and published books for the Metropolitan Opera Guild since 1976.
1and editor of the Journal of Cultural Economics.
1and edited his first dramatic opera for performance there /'The Tempest 1982) He is a director of the Early English Opera Society
1and daytime TV. She is also director of the international Project Daytime which focuses on the study of daytime serial drama.
1and a member of the Purcell Society. He is currently working on another article dealing more widely with the material in Rowland Sherman's letter books and related documents.
1and Vassar College. Professor Condee is currently writing Coal and Culture: The Opera House in Appalachia (Ohio University Press).
1and Johns Hopkins University.
1and Eyal Aharoni for their assistance with editing figures and Whitney Schulte for her help with citations
1and Director of American Studies at Brooklyn College.He is author of
1and Departments of
1and Christ's College
1and Associate Professor for Mass Communication at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
1Yale University
1Yale University) is a Professor of Germanic Languages and Literature at Duke University.
1Yale University and Harvard University
1Yale University School of Medicine.
1Wuhan medical coll.
1Wisconsin USA
1William Paterson College
1Western Kentucky University
1West Virginia U.S.A.
1West Georgia College
1West Didsbury M20 2LR.
1West Chester University
1Wayne State University
1Wash. USA
1Walpole and Pope
1WIM w Warszawie
1W.C.2 U.K.
1Victoria University of Wellington
1Via Opera Pia 15
1Vassar College
1Varanasi-221 005 (INDIA)
1Vanderbilt University
1Uníversidad Autónoma de Barcelona.
1Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
1Università degli Studi di Bari
1University of Wolverhampton
1University of WisconsinMadison
1University of Wisconsin
1University of Vienna
1University of Utah
1University of Uppsala
1University of Turin
1University of Toronto at Scarborough
1University of Texas in San Antonio
1University of Southern California) is a professor and research fellow in the School of Communication Arts at Regent University.
1University of Southern California School of Medicine USA
1University of Southampton UK
1University of Sasketchewan
1University of Saskatchewan*
1University of Rochester
1University of Regensburg
1University of Pisa
1University of Oslo
1University of Oklahoma
1University of Oklahoma School of Music
1University of Notre Dame
1University of North Florida
1University of North Carolina
1University of Newcastle upon Tyne
1University of New Mexico.
1University of Missouri–Kansas City
1University of Melbourne
1University of Maryland
1University of London Institute of Education
1University of Leningrad USSR
1University of Leicester
1University of Kent at Canterbury.
1University of Kansas
1University of Illinois at Chicago
1University of Helsinki. He is the author of Justification and Participation in Christ (Brill 2008) and the editor of Engaging Luther (Cascade 2010).
1University of Heidelberg
1University of Hawaii
1University of Haifa
1University of Georgia
1University of Florida
1University of Florida.
1University of Essex
1University of East Anglia
1University of Durham
1University of Copenhagen
1University of Connecticut
1University of Colorado
1University of Colorado at Boulder
1University of Cologne
1University of Cincinnati
1University of Chicago.
1University of Central England in Birmingham
1University of Canberra
1University of California–Santa Barbara
1University of Cagliari Italy
1University of British Columbia.
1University of Bologna
1University of Birmingham.
1University of Auckland
1University of Arizona
1University of Amsterdam
1University of Alberta
1University of Adelaide
1University College London
1University College Cork
1Universiti Sains Malaysia
1Unidad de Arritmias. Hospital Ramn y Cajal.Departamento de Medicina. Universidad de Alcal de Henares. Madrid
1USA; Tel: +1 212 245 3850
1USA. Her research centres on liturgical music in 18th–century Dresden.
1U.S.A. 74078
1U. of Michigan) is writing her dissertation on the collaborative operas of Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal.
1U. S. A.
1Twin Cities
1Trinity College and the Maryvale Institute
1Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover.
1The Warburg Institute
1The University of Sydney
1The University of Sheffield.
1The University of Michigan
1The Ohio State University.
1The Lost Castrato
1The Hebrew University
1The First Troupe and Imperial Wives and Concubines at the Court in History. He is also the author of several plays in the kunqu and Suzhou styles.
1The Department of Communication at Santa Clara University
1The City University of New York
1The Citadel
1Tel Aviv University
1Teaches at Trenton State College.
1Taiwan Republic of China
1TN (N.J.B.).
1TN (G.L.M.).
1Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)
1Swansea University
1Suruchi Sood is a program evaluation officer II at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs.
1Surrey TW9 3AE
1Surrey TW20 OEX
1Suny New Paltz
1Stephen Stubbs made his début as a lutenist in the Wigmore Hall in London in 1976.
1Stephen Morse and William Pizzi
1State University of New York at Fredonia
1Stanford University
1Stanford University. The research reported in this article was supported by a grant from the Latin American Studies Center at Stanford University and builds upon the authors' previous work (1).
1Stanford University) is an associate professor of management at the University of Lethbridge.
1Stanford University) is a senior behavioral scientist at the Division of HIV/AIDS at CDC.
1St Andrews
1Southwestern University
1South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
1South Dakota.
1Society for Renaissance Studies
1Simon Ward is a Lecturer in German at the University of Aberdeen. He has published on Wolfgang Koeppen and other aspects of twentieth‐century German literature.
1Sherrie McIntosh received her M.A. at West Virginia University in History and has a Certificate in Women's Studies. She is the International Regional Manager‐Latin America for the Reed Manufacturing Company.
1Sheffield Hallam University
1Shandong Provincial Lüju Opera Theatre
1Servio de Neurocirugia. Hospital Geral Santo Antnio. Porto. Portugal
1Seoul Korea
1Senior Lecturer in Music and head of the Music Department at the Open University%
1Senior Lecturer in English Literature at Edinburgh University
1School of Oriental and African Studies
1School of Information Technology
1Santa Barbara
1Sandra Mayes is a graduate student in the Department of Communication at the University of Kentucky.
1San Jose State University
1San Giovanni Rotondo 71013 (Italy)
1San Francisco State University
1San Diego
1San Diego) is an assistant professor of communication at Tulane University.
1Salt Lake City
1Saint Mary’s College of California
1Saint Louis University
1SUNY Binghamton
1SE Brazil
1SAR China
1SA 5069 Australia
1S.W. 7
1Royal Academy of Music in London
1Roxanne Khamsi is news editor for Nature Medicine in New York.
1Research and Development Division
1Republic of China (E‐Mail/Huang:
1Regent University) is an assistant professor in the School of Leadership Studies at Regent University.
1Reference librarian and music bibliographer at Central Michigan University
1Reference Librarian Central Michigan University
1Red Byrd and the Gavin Bryars Ensemble.
1ROMA Italy
1RI (F.W.S.).
1Quinault and their operas
1Queen's University of Belfast
1Purdue University‐Calumet
1Purdue University Calumet
1Professor of dramaturgy and dramatic criticism at the Yale School of Drama.
1Professor at the University of Edinburgh.
1Post‐Graduation in Ecology and Conservation of Natural Resources
1Portsmouth Polytechnic.
1Penny T. Simpson is a research analyst for the American Social Health Association
1Pennsylvania USA
1Pennsylvania State College
1Paul Corneilson is managing editor of Recent Researches in Music. His critical edition of Gian Francesco de Majo's Ifigenia in Tauride was published in December 1996.
1Palma de Mallorca (Espaa)
1Pa. USA
1PROTER S.p.A.-Opera.
1PE Brazil
1PE 52171-900 Brazil
1PE 50740-540 Brazil
1PE 50670-901 Brazil
1Oxford University
1Orthopädischen Universitätsklinik Düsseldorf.
1Organizational Behaviour at the University of Derby
1Open University
1On behalf of the OPERA Collaboration
1Ohio University.
1October 29.
1Now at a private firm.
1Novi Sad
1November 1986.
1Nottingham NG7 2UH
1Northwestern University
1North Carolina State University
1Nicola Nosengo is a freelance writer based in Rome.
1Newcastle University
1New York USA
1New York City USA
1New Orleans Opera Association
1New Jersey.
1New College
1Neal Zaslaw is Professor of Music at Cornell University. his forthcoming books include a study of Mozart's symphonies
1National Polytechnics Institut of Lorraine in France
1National Engineering School of Industrial Systems and Innovation in National Polytechnics Institut of Lorraine in France
1National Botanic Garden of Belgium
1Nanjing Aeronautical Institute/P. R. of China
1Nancy L. Buerkel‐Rothfuss is Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech and Dramatic Arts at Central Michigan University.
1México DF
1Music critic of The New Yorker; five volumes of his collected reviews for that periodical have been published. He has translated nine of Mozart's operas for performances in English; in 1982 he produced Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail for the Indiana University Opera Theatre
1Mount Holyoke College
1Moscow A 83
1Montana State University
1Midlothian EH25 9RG
1Michigan State University
1Michelle A. Wolf is Associate Professor of Broadcast Communication Arts at San Francisco State University
1Miami University
1Medicinski fakultet Univerziteta u Tuzli
1Medical College of Wisconsin.
1Mass. 02140.
1Maryvale Institute
1Mary Baldwin College
1Mannheim 1
1MO (Professor of Medicine (Ret.)).
1MA (P.L.).
1MA (D.M.).
1Loyola College
1Lovett Distinguished Service Professor of Musicology at Rice University.
1London WC1B 3DP
1London SW7 5BD
1London SE5 9RS
1London Green
1Leiden University
1Leiden University) is professor and head of the Center for Child and Media Studies.
1Lecturer at Trinity College and Maryvale Institute.
1Las Vegas
1Königsberg i. Pr.
1King’s College London
1Kingston 02881.
1King's College London
1Katrina Pollard is a health communications specialist for CDC's National Center for Environmental Health.
1Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen
1Karnataka Health Promotion Trust/Intrahealth.
1Karen E. Riggs is assistant professor in the Department of Mass Communication’ at the University of Wisconsin‐Milwaukee.
1June 18.
1July 3
1Judith Milhous is a Professor in the PhD Programme in Theatre at the City University of New York Graduate Centre. Her research speciality is 17th- and 18th-century theatre management and finances.
1Jr. and has published essays on John Barth and Arthur Miller as well as on Melville.
1Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
1Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.
1Japan 238–03
1James Madison University
1Jacksonville State University
1Italy; telephone: +39‐10‐353‐2915; fax: +39‐10‐353‐2586
1Italy (S.M.).
1Italy (R.M.).
1Italy (M.R.).
1Italy (M.G.S.).
1Italy (L.T.).
1Italy (F.L.).
1Italy (C.S.).
1Italian opera of the late Baroque period and the music of Antonio Vivaldi and Josquin des Prez
1Israel Institute of Technology
1Iowa.From the Department of OrthopaedicsDivision of Hand Surgery The University of IowaIowa CityIowa
1International Labour Office
1Institute of PhilosophyCatholic University of Leuven
1Inst. psychiatry
1Inst. physical sci.
1Indiana University
1Indiana USA
1Illinois USA
1Human Genetics Alert
1Hospital Infantil de Mexico.
1Hong Kong. Email: (E. Sinn); (W.‐L. Wong)
1He was Yale professor of English for forty‐one years.
1He taught at Yale from 1893 until the end of his life.
1He lives in Massachusetts.
1He currently works as a sales associate at the Metropolitan Opera Shop.
1Hampshire College
1Guildhall School of Music and Drama
1Grenoble Cedex
1Graduate of the Mass Media Studies Program at the University of San Francisco and is currently a graduate student in Broadcast Arts at San Francisco State University.
1Google Switzerland GmbH
1Glasgow Great Britain
1Glasgow G3 6BY
1Ghent University
1Ghent University Hospital
1Georgia State University
1Georgia State University) is a communication analyst for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
1George A. Saden Professor of Music in the department of music at Yale.
1GR-541 24 Thessaloniki
1G1V 0A6
1Fukuoka 819-0395 (Japan)
1Fukuoka 819-0395 (Japan)∼adachilab/
1Freiburg i. Br.
1Frank Lovett is a joint J. D./Ph. D. candidate in law and political science at Columbia University. He would like to thank Jeremy Waldron for very helpful comments and advice on an early draft of this paper and Paul MDonald for many discussions concerning the paper's themes.
1Forschungszentrum Jülich
1Florida State University
1Fax: (+49) 721‐608‐7652
1Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Maimónides de Buenos Aires.
1Exter University
1European Space Operations Centre - ESA Darmstadt Germany
1Elizabeth M. Perse is Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Delaware. This article is based on her doctoral dissertation completed at Kent State. Thanks go to Alan M. Rubin for directing the study and Carole Barbato for arranging data collection.
1Edinburgh EH8 9XF
1Eastman School of Music
1Eastman School of Music and College of the University of Rochester
1East Lansing.

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